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September 04, 2007


jennifer ramos

I just realized you had a blog and added it to my blog list. Sweet picture! I didn't know you had three kiddos!

Alicia A.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful school year!

Big girl bed?! So exciting. We recently made the same big step too!


What a beautiful pillow! And either your little one has great taste, or she didn't choose her bed :) My daughter chose her big girl bed - and it shows.


what a cute big girl bed! congrats kate!


Kate just keeps getting cuter & cuter every time I see her. It's been a busy August for me too!


Wasn't it just the other day that Kate was a BABY?! Could you please tell your children to stop growing...it's making me feel OLD. ;)


so so cute in her big girl bed :D love that giant pillow too... :) makes her look tiny!


yes, we were excited when we finally bought jason a big boy bed...and when he started sleeping the whole night in it (and not ours) --


Look at that pillow! I can't believe how big Kate is and how clean that pillow still is LOL!!


what a doll your baby girl is! I can't believe how much she's grown! It's making me feel older then evah! (hehehe....you'll see what I mean when you read my post to you girls today!)


Oh my gosh, she is the cutest.... I can't belive how fast she's growing up!


don't they grow up fast... we're delaying the 'move' for as long as possible. For sentimental and practical reasons!! I don't think No 3 will be a 'stayer' in bed type...


just stoppin by to say hi! hope all is well. (time to post!) ;)

Jessica Hood

Hey girl...where ya been hiding? I love your Christmas cards!
I wanted to let you know that I recently posted a recap of the Stitch indie craft bazaar in Austin, Texas. I am also hosting a swag bag giveaway. I'd love for you to enter & to pass the word on to your friends!

jenny v.

hi sweetie...

just thinking of you, :) how are things?

hug and happy thoughts,


I LOVE The Paper Princess and find your designs brilliant! I will pass along your site to all my girlfriends.


Darling bed... even cuter girl!


Your daughter is so adorable! I love your blog!

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