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June 01, 2007



Kate is so cute!! Briana has whole conversations by herself with different voices for all the different people. LOL!

Sorry to hear about your Dad :( Sending all the positive thoughts we have.


Kate is such a cutie and I can't believe how big she is already. It's been ages since we last seen each other.

I hope your dad's getting better. I wish you and yours good luck.


Of course there's a sale! I just placed an order earlier today (and checked here to see if there was a coupon or anything). Ah, well. Those super boy pencils are gonna be a hit!

Sorry to hear about your dad. I think writing down your thoughts will be a big help in times to come. Hugs.


yoo-hoo! soo cute. xo


Kate is just adorable. I remember those days so long ago. I found a book that I wrote some of the funny things my son used to say. I loved 'Hangaberder' the best (hamburger).
Hang in there. It's good that your able to write and get the feelings out.
Hey, I'll be helping Textile Fetish at Felt Club, so I'll see you there!


Kate is cute as always. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I'm sending good thoughts/ prayers your way.


i'm sorry to hear about your dad - i'm sure it's hard. my mom was sick for awhile but got better.

A Punkin Card Company

Very cute!!! I can't wait to have kids!


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad... god bless.


its always funnier to read about fussy kids than to actually experience them but kate sounds hilarious!

thinking about hearing a little voice yelling "yoo-hoo!" in the morning out of nowhere actually made me laugh out loud.

hearing you talk about her kinda makes me want to have one...and thats a major kinda.


this is so cute- and then I am so sorry about your dad being sick- i know, its not fun-


I love that baby babble so much, I miss it! I'm so sorry about your dad Les, my thoughts are with you. The blog is a wonderful tribute.

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