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April 13, 2007



That was SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing! I know about the babies growing up. Mine just turned 3 and all the big girl stuff she is doing made me cry. Can't have another one though (too old and we grow them big both were over 9lb!!).


Awww...Kate you are too sweet. Baby J is a mellow boy, so he needs a spunky gal like you. =)

And 7 years of diapering...I applaud you Leslie! =)


22 months?! That can't be possible...because, see, that would mean that *I'M* 22 months older...and that's something that I'd rather not (cough) think about, thank you very much. ;) I know I've said it countless times before, but you and Hank make the prettiest babies. Given your beautiful brood, I can understand why you might be giving thought to another...but good lord, woman, 7 years of diapering?! That exhausts me just to read it. I've just realized that I don't think you're in my Flickr contacts...must remedy that STAT. Hope life is going well for you, Leslie...looks like it. Hugs.


Just checked and you are in my Flickr contacts (thought you were)...but the odd thing is, I check "recent photos" there pretty regularly and don't remember seeing recent ones from you. I'll check more carefully...


OMG.....could she be any cuter? And hearing the other kiddos in the background, giggling and egging her on was fab too!!!

(I loved the bottom one....so silly, I love it!) LOVE, E-Auntie Jes xoxoxox


Goodness Sakes! She is so-o-o cutie wootie. It is no wonder that you make the illo's that you create. You are surrounded by cuteness.
I can't believe that you just said that btw. I have 3 boys and I would love to have a girl but ugh..4 kiddo's. I don't know if I could handle it. With that being said, I know it can and has been done well! Have fun with the diapers.


Awww! Geez, Leslie, that was so cute! You make my ovaries start to hurt! Anyway, I don't blame you for wanting another. Who wouldn't if they've had three amazing babies already!


Ow, my ovaries hurt now. Too cute!


Kate's smiles and giggles are contagious! What a sweetheart! :)
Another baby?! You could totally do it, you're a great mom!


oh my! what a freaking, gosh darned cutie! :)


leslie, you need a friend with a newborn, stat! i have a friend with a 12 week old and it is working out perfectly. i get all my baby snuggling in and then go home to my crazy three. going strong on five years of diapering. i predict another 1.5 in my future. loving that picante kate!!


She is adorable! I love her little voice. We were just at that museum, and my daughter can't stop talking about the giant Elmo.


¡Qué chamaca tan linda! Love the videos! It's amazing how much she has grown and changed since last summer. I know your days are filled with smiles and joy from Srta Picante.

I think you can guess what I will say about another baby--GO FOR IT! You and Hank are fantastic parents!!! JP is already 7 months and I'm wondering how I'm going to feel when he's walking and talking and no longer a "baby". Yikes, I might be feeling like you are right now???


You are one lucky mama Leslie! Such sweet children all the way around.


Oh! She's so beautiful!
I know what you mean about wanting another one. Watching old videos of our 5 makes me feel the same way....Daddy says 5 is enough though, so I guess I wait for the grandchildren. That will be awhile, though, as my oldest is only 16!
Congratulations on your lovely girl!
God bless.


Katie is such a cutie! They sure do grow up so fast. I'm aching for #3 but hubby is done with diaper duty.


Leslie, you are a supermom, and another baby would be SO much fun! I get it now, why people have so many kids. They're a joy! Kate is so adorable!! Love that sweet little voice, and the personality, oh my!!


Thank you for sharing, Leslie. Alec is in here watching with me and he said, "Oh, I like her".

I know what you mean about seeing cute babies. I get the same feeling. Especially when I think that my baby is now a little boy.


She's is just too cute! I love the bottom video with all her giggles!! She's getting so big! It seems like just yesterday she was a little baby.


Oh, Leslie she is a DOLL! Just beautiful! It doesn't seem possible that she is 22 mos. old. I remember you telling me you were pregnant when I was beginning "Mission Get Pregnant NOW!" That doesn't SEEM like that long ago, but time tells me that it has to be. My little Claire is 14 mos., and baby #3 is coming in June. Time flies SO very fast.

I totally wouldn't blame you for wanting a 4th...at least you know how to properly space your babies...unlike me! haha

ps...loved The Shins in the video in the car - I love that song!

London Southern Belle

how cute are the kiddy clips! :) That has made my morning :)

Hope you are doing well! Haven't popped over in a while - I keep meaning to ask about the creative journal we all collaborated.....do you know who ended up with it?

Take care!





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