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February 07, 2007



Sounds like a nice, busy, fulfilling life! Glad you're having such a great time ... and glad your kiddos are feeling better.


I'll say it again, I don't know how you do it!! :D Hope you get a reorder from your wholesale account!


I can't believe Henry is already turning 5, that's so sweet! :)

Congratulations on getting over the hump with that wholesale order, that's so exciting! :)


How funny you call your Henry "Hank". My husband wants so bad to call ours Hank, but I can't go there just yet. He's too cute and baby like to be a Hank yet!


Giggles and Wiggles class? I think I'd enjoy that too. I also have to say that I love your new stuff over at the Paper Princess and should indulge in buying some goodies (love the rubber stamps) Have a happy 5th Birthday Henry .... Jeez 5 already!!!


Wow, you have been so busy! i hope your children are ok! My Fiance tells me he has just purchased my Gocco from ebay! its the basic set and I have no idea how to use it! how exciting! I will have to wait until my birthday to use it tho :( May 17.....it hasnt got instructions in English, so if you know anywhere i can view these online PLEASE let me know! And any other helpful hints would be GREATLY appreciated!


Bless you with the sick lil ones. I would loose my head.
Enjoy today, be proud of your accomplishments yesterday.
Live in the now!


You are amazing! All that with three sick kids?!


So glad all three kiddies are feeling better. What is giggles and wiggles class? It sounds like fun! And YEA for getting the big wholesale order done. I'm sure they'll reorder.


Thank you again. I hope you received my thank you card!


Wiggles and giggles? Sounds great. Please share more info, I am looking for something to do with my 14 month grand daughter.


You busy, busy woman! Where do you find the time to do all this stuff?! Thanks for the V-day notecards in my "baby shower winner" package - I'm so in love with them! So much so I almost didn't send them out to friends but then I realized that's just plain greedy! Will be placing an order for more of your cute stuff soon - promise!!! Hope the party for Henry was great!


I just enjoy YOU...past, present or future, you are a wonderful Mom and FRIEND!


Gypsy Purple--Chamara

What a great post...enjoyed my time here



You have a very cute site here!! Sorry to hear about the kids. It's going around. My real job is at a pharmacy and I see this everyday! I hope they're better soon.

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