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February 21, 2007



Happy birthday wishes to Alison! :) What clever invites, I love how you used the matchbox design... it makes me wish I could come paint pottery too!


i remember rain for jason's 1st b-day party- i kept checking weather.com and when the day finally came it just said cloudy but it did in fact rain for maybe 10-15 minutes - people stayed though and good thing they did because the sun came out soon after...happy birthday to Alison and Henry!


Beautiful invitations!


Hi, Leslie! Happy Birthday to your beautiful kids! Those invitations are ADORABLE. :)


Very cute invites. Do you design and print them yourself? Or send them off to be printed?


I can't wait to hear how the party went...and those invites!! Can anyone say FAB!?

I LOVE the Frances-Louise story too....


The invites are adorable. I'm sure the party will be as smashing of a success as Henry's!

Mary Anne

The invitations look awesome. Lucky kid. =)


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