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January 16, 2007



Eek! Can't think of my best/worst, but just wanted to say the valentine's cards are ADORABLE! I love the little Asian girl. =)


Ok, lurker here coming out of the shadows to tell you my fav Valentine memory! (I adore your work!) When I was 12 I made my parents a heart shaped chocolate raspberry cake...it took most of the day...(and I hate raspberry) as a surprise. It was very lop-sided...and my parents loved it.
We had dinner, they enjoyed their cake...we had so much love & shared that special holiday each year together feeling fortunate for the moments.
It was a long time ago...and now my son does cute things for my husband and I...nice memories indeed!


Oh so very cute!
The only one that comes to mind, I fixed up my husband's vintage scooter and got it running (after hearing him talk again and again about how he should get it fixed.) and had it delivered in front of the place where we got coffee so it would be sitting there when we drove up, and he was surprised once he realized that the cool scooter was his. And then I got my first ever moving violation for not yielding to a pedestrian a few minutes later when I drove to work.

Sarah Moore

Adorable Alert!

Ok... Valentines day; best ever...easy! I was proposed to on Valentine's Day! 1998

Then we went to see Hilary and Jackie at the Fine Arts and a Rat...yes a Rat, ran over my foot near the end of the movie. EEK!

It was still a great night; and it isn't often you have a great night where a rat runs over your foot.


We don't really celebrate Valentines day over here, although I think we should!! So I have no bad stories either. Just want to say that I love those cards and a big BIG thank you for the lovely birthday goodies you sent me. Thanks so much Leslie :o) I should send you an email update soon. Hope all is well!!


look at you go with all the crazy posting! Bravo! Um, let's see. Worst Valentine's day? My sweetie forgot two years ago. That sucked.


My worst was probably with my ex-dental student boyfriend. He was trying to be sweet by bring glasses and 7-up. He gave me a fabric/fake rose and a catcus. He said that the catcus would last longer. It sure did! It last longer then he did LOL!


as usual, adorable valentines!

my best valentine's day ever was when my nephew was born. i still call him my little valentine sometimes which embarrasses the heck out of him since he'll be 8 this year. :) that's what aunts are for......aren't they? ;)


Love them, as always! You do such good work!

The best Valentine's Day we've had was a couple of years ago when we marched through the streets of El Paso and Juarez (Mexico) to protest the missing women of Juarez. Watching him marching, yelling and holding up banners...I fell in love with him all over again.


wow leslie! everything looks fantastic! ok, favorite valentines day was last year, spending it with david low key at home wondering if miss arlo was going to come that day. she didnt, waited until the next day. and my guess for frannie girl is way out there, but how about frannie and zooey by salinger? one of my favorite books!

Jessica Hood

I almost didn't believe my Bloglines when it said that you had a new post already! LOL :)
Love the Valentine's cards. My best Vday was back in college. I had a sweet boyfriend that cooked me a wonderful dinner & pampered me to no end. Aw, those were the days (hee hee).
And Frannie Girl...hmmm...I'll say that's your nickname from childhood!?


Love those cards!
I would say that my favorite Valentines Day was last year! It was my husband and I's first Valentine's Day as a married couple and he whisked me up to Asheville, NC to a wonderful Bed and Breakfast where he had the innkeepers put a vase of my favorite flowers (tulips!) in our room. It started snowing just as we got there and it was so beautiful!
We actually went back to the B&B this past weekend because we enjoyed it so much (it's called the Lion and the Rose - www.lion-rose.com - if you ever find yourself in the area).


My best Valentine's Day is yet to come...I'm due on Valentine's Day with my second son! The unconditional love little boys have for their mama? Better than any box of chocolates, by far!


in high school, i had a stalker. (seriously) he was the guy who had no friends, wore hoodies and went unnoticed. somehow, in a very creepy way, he managed to get a copy of my class schedule and changed all of his to match mine. including my advisor (that lady that you spend half of lunchtime with and who was supposed to direct your last years of teenage-hood to adult-hood, ha, go figure mine was a gym, physical education teacher and did nothing for any of us)

so he never, ever talked to me, but instead, would sit on the other side of the classrooms and just s t a r e. all the time. every class period. don't worry, i measured him up a long time ago, when i began getting anonymous drawings on my desk and notes in my locker, i knew that if he tried anything, i could take him. he was a very thin guy.

and though he proved harmless over the course of my senior year, i grew tired of the little gifts and staring and kind of forgot about him being in the background (remember, he never talked to me) so...enter valentine's day! i walked into my ap art class and BAM. there were: dozens of giant balloons, a huge box of chocolates, red roses, a pretty card...the cupid works! was my ex-boyfriend who was so busy in college wanting me back? what was going on? i had no idea who they were from, but my friends had me so busy squealing and trying to figure it out that i didn't realize it could be my stalker.

and so after class, my art teacher discreetly called me into her office, closed the door, and told me very solemnly that i could not accept any of these gifts. i stopped smiling and didn't follow...until she told me that she had seen my stalker (she knew, everyone knew) come into class early and set it all up. she said that she would "take care of it."

not only was i bummed that none of the gifts were from some heartthrob...(that lasted for a few seconds, haha) and that there wasn't anyone that year to be with, i realized how sad it must be for this guy to be too scared to talk to me, and also to have all of the gifts he had spent so much money on given back to him. i never heard from him again...


Honestly, I cannot remember having a wonderful Valentine's day. I know that sounds pathetic. Instead, I'll tell you what I want to happen this year. I want to make dinner for the new boy I've got a crush on. I want a wee bit of flowers, a nice dash of romance and a large serving of nakedness. (hee hee!)

As for Ms. Frannie Girl -- Frannie is for Frances McDormant -- one of your favorite actresses and the star of such gems as "Fargo." She's pretty, whitty, funny and can carry her own lumber. She's what we all want to be.


My favorite Valentine's Day was 1995 - I was 6 (eeek) and my dad gave me a heart-shaped pillow with lace on the edges, and my name was sewn into it. So cute! I'm in college now but I still keep it in my room at home, and it is so precious.

Frannie is for this life-sized dog that came up when I googled Frannie Girl!

Sarah B.

delurker here, as well.

I'm not sure if this was the best or the worst Valentine's Day I've had, but when I was in high school I was dating the son of a family friend who was in the Marines. I spent the day making dinner--scalloped potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, steaks marinated over night--and he came over in sweatpants and a t-shirt. I didn't exactly expect him to wear the dress blues, but sweatpants? He then proceeded to smother his steak, the most tender and flavorful steak I have ever cooked to this day, in a bottle of ketchup. Actually, as I recall, something worse happened after that, but it's a bit of an overshare so you'll just have to trust me that it was NOT romantic.

As I wrote this out just now, I realized it was in fact the worst valentine's day.


oh the cutest - favorite would be when my husband {knowing we had a brand new baby and I wouldn't want to leave her}brought home sweet home alabama dvd and a beautiful boquet of tulips along with everything to make a surf and turf dinner. We put the kids to bed and he cooked for me . . . so sweet so thoughtful I loved it.



here's a story-actually about a gift...
i was 7 mos. pregnant w/ my first one and i told my husband not to get me anything for valentines day. i was big and getting tired and didn't want to do anything. our bed is a little on the high side so everytime i had to go on top of the bed i had to grab my husband's hand to help me hoist myself up...well that day he said...i got a surprise for you...so low and behold, right next to the bed was a white plastic step stool. not a romantic gift but the thought was nice... when we moved to our 2nd house, he made the bed lower and now the step stool is used by my son to use the toilet =)


Someone left a bouquet of roses outside my dorm room door. I NEVER found out who they were from. (Yes, my name was on them, LOL!)


oh, those valentines are adorable! :) i think the best valentines day i had was when someone special remembered that i love tulips instead of roses and surprised me with a bouquet of them in the mail! it only took 2 years! hehe.


Hi Leslie!
My favorite Valentines... on the fritz of the relationship I was in at the time, that bf and I "decided" not to get each other anything for Valentines. His friend kept bugging him that those types of agreements don't work, and how nice it would be for him to do something special especially because I wasn't expecting it?

I think Valentines was on a Tues.. on Monday I get a gorgeous bouquet of lilies, then the next day a dozen roses... all from his friend.

Fast forward 5 years, and guess who I now wait for to come home at night? :)


My most memorable valentine as a child was in the second grade. A classmate had a crush on me. I was terribly shy and could not even speak to him. Each day after school I would run home to safety. He would chase after me calling my name and hoping I would stop and speak. I would run inside and close the door, he would hang out on the porch a bit hoping I would come outside to no avail. He would leave small gifts, candy or a small prize of some sort to lure me out. Alas it was in vain.

Over the Christmas holiday his family moved. I found out once classes resumed that my suitor was gone. Tra-la I thought to myself, although I did miss the "chase". Then on Valentine's day that year I received a package in the mail. A package! It didn't say who from so I quickly unwrapped it to find a not of enduring admiration and a box of chocolate covered cherries. To this day, they are my favorite candy. I think of him often and wonder what his name was.

Silly and simple, the joy of youth.


My favorite Valentines Day was a couple of years ago, when I made a very, very special valentine for my daughter (then age 6). I found her picking it up and reading it several times over and over. That told me that it was special to BOTH of us!


cute cute cute cute!


Oh and I was the first one in grade school to give a boy a valentine. His name was Matt, but he and I were always together, and her gave me one. It was a big deal.


OK...DUH...I get it...(you will se my comment in Flickr.)

I KNOW you think you know me, but you will be surprised to know that I have never been a big Valentines fan! sshhh...don't tell anyone. I just can't think of anything over the top!

I'm a bore...really I am.


Lisa Smith

How about when my significant other "forgot?"

And I'm loving your new cards! So sweet!


I'm always hoping for a good V-Day! Sad, I know!


Awww, those are the sweetest cards ever! I will have to get some asap!

As for Valentine's. I've never been a fan, but I'd have to say that my favorite v-day was when my boyfriend (now hubby) proposed to me at our fave restaurant!

new blog coming soon!


les, they are so so cute. I'm so slow to catch up these days, but I'm loving all the new things you're doing. You've been busy! xo

Bonnie M

The best V-day for me was when my boyfriend pitched a tent in his living room (literally -- get your mind out of the gutter!)
It was a red tent that glowed.
How was it illuminated, you ask?
Why, by the Lite-Brite that said J+B in red! ♥


My favorite Valentine's day was in 2003. I was teaching in middle school, and my now husband came to school to propose. He was standing outside the window of the stairwell holding up these huge signs asking me to marry him. I was inside the school with 1000 middle schools cheering and shouting and stomping their feet. The noise was deafening!


My most embarrasing valentine's day was when I was about 9 or 10. I had a crush on a boy at school so I persuaded my mum to drive me to his house in the evening to leave some chocolates on his doorstep. I put the box down, rang the bell and ran back to the car. But just as I got there his mum appeared at the window shouting "you'll have to give the door a push, it's jammed from the inside!" I was mortified as my mum went back to help and explained what we were doing, especially as the boy himself then came to the door and stood there laughing!


Oh, what a lovely surprise! I was on my round of de-lurking and came across your lovely blog -- that's holding a mini competition as well! It's my lucky day, so I'm giving a shot:

On Valentine's day five years ago, my boyfriend had to leave to go home for the holidays when we were in uni for three months. Being Chinese and all, we don't really celebrate Valentines, and because he was going away, I didn't want that day to be remembered as the my-boyfriend-left-me-all-alone day.

So after sending him off at the bus station, my mobile beeped on the way home, reminding me to check a certain shoebox at home (my bf sets reminders for me all the time).

When I reached home, I frantically searched for it, and once I found it, it opened up to reveal... another note. He left clues for me to find something, and left in total about 8 notes all over the place!

Breathless, I finally found the last clue that lead me to a small package and a handwritten love note. That small package contained his toe ring in a small glass container (we wear one each, mine was lost during a trip) that said he promised to buy a new pair upon his return so that we could have matching ones.

His handmade card was the highlight, and it makes me laugh, as he doodles and draws on them and proclaims his love for me in a very light-hearted way.

The best part? He still does this, until today. And we still wear matching toe-rings instead of normal finger-rings, because no one else needs to know how much we love each other but ourselves.


Not a contest entry - though those cards and sooo very cute!!! -- but I just wanted to let you know I've added a link to your site on my blogroll, as I've been coming here for months to read your updates and admire your photos, and I finally started a blog of my own :) I don't usually comment a lot unfortunately, but your illustrations are always so adorable :)


so adorable!


Aww, I wish I had some cute Valentine's Day stories, but well, nobody loves me. :P

Leslie, those cards are ADORABLE!


my first pregnancy with daughter #1 of four...her due date was feb 28th. however i told my doc & my girlfriends she would surely come on valentines day...no one believed me as first babies rarely come early. water broke on the 12th...she came at 12:33 on valentines day...told ya so!!

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