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December 11, 2006



WHAT? How can you be finished?!?! I am IMPRESSED. Very impressed.

I'm thinking a little over one bottle of ketchup a month...so let's say 15.


hmm... 24

jenny vorwaller

ok leslie, im so happy that you have your holiday shopping done!

i'm going to say...erm, 22 bottles o ketchup.



I am pretty much done with holiday shopping save some "stocking stuffers" which will be the bane of my existence until Dec 24. I also am helping my mom shop cuz she gets a bit overwhelmed. I have no idea where my planning gene came from ... perhaps my dad, but he's a man so it doesn't show in the same ways as mine? Anyhoo ... congrats on getting yours done.

As for the ketchup? 20 bottles, I guess. :)


I'm guessing 17. Although with your family's ability and prowess at eating condiments (namely pb), this may be way too low.


Oh man, ketchup grosses me out so the idea of 66 ounces, that is so much ketchup! My guess is 19!


I'm so jealous that you're finished! That is a big bottle of ketchup! Wow. My daughter likes to dip things in ketchup, lick off the ketchup, then dip again. Ewwwwww.


Oh I'm really bad at these things so I'm not going to guess. Its such a shame ketchup was invented in the first place because it spoils the taste of food. I used to have a boyfriend who put ketchup on everything and it made me sad because the good taste of my cooking was gone by the flavour of the ketchup. So I have a bit of a ketchup syndrome and it's now not allowed in my house LOL!! You should get the DVD “Jamie Oliver’s school diners”.


how about lucky number 13! :] i'm with your kids, ketchup is yummy. oo especially on homemade fries. mmm


you sure are on the ball! all of the ones i've bought are wrapped, but we still need a few more gift cards.

my vote: 12 bottles


16 bottles --
lucky you for finishing your shopping!!


Wait until they discover Ranch dressing... LOL. ;)
hmm... maybe 12?!

I'm so jealous, I'll still be Christmas shopping down to the last minute!!


I'm going to guess 10. Just to leave room for their discovery of other condiments this year.

London Southern Belle

this makes me laugh. My younger brother and I had ketchup with everything as children. Not to mention whenever my parents took us out for dinner we would ALWAYS order chicken tenders. I remember my father saying "we can go out for dinner IF you do not eat chicken or have ketchup on everything." I suppose the overload of the two grossed him a bit ;)

I'm going big! I will say 17!




I'm guessing 25+

Alicia A.

I'm guessing 12. Has anyone else guessed 12?


i'm going with 30. :) you're little guessing game has inspired me to create one for my blog.



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