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August 27, 2006



I am first, YAY ME!
Damn I want some yogurt.


OMG that video is adorable. And stop making me want ice cream!! :)


Katie is SO cute in that video. Hearing her probably would push the cute factor over 100%!! I just took a funny video of Briana running around outside in her sisters Barbie slip-on shoes and in a blue leotard. GOOFY!!


Oh, no! Kate is ADORABLE! I can already imagine the happy squeals and giggles. She is such a sweetie pie! Love that little face as she kicks like the best Rockette out there!


Oh, it says the video is not available...


I saw it without the voice... it was so darn cute anyway... Kate is such a doll! :)


that video is HYSTERICAL! She's not a happy child, is she? So cute!


too too cute!

Island Girl

I love love my book plates. Received them via post last week! How sweet are they!! And, thanks for the extras ;)

Will be making an order on calling cards soon! I just bought an expensive pair of boots and promised hubby I wouldn't splurge until next month ;)

Thanks again!!!
amanda xx


why cant i see this video? i neeeeed to see it!


You little yogurt addy you! HA...I LOVE IT!

Your last post was just too cute as well! I can just picture Henry screaming...too freakin' funny that kid is!

It must be hard getting back into the swing of things again!

OK...just dropping by my CM's today...just to let you girls know that I am fine...but I thought I'd drop by your blogs, since I am a little behind in that department! I am sore...and have to drink tons o water, but am doing good...HEY...I vacuumed the house today and that's no small chore!

~Love ya chica!


oh I love the glee in her face!


Love the video. She's soooooo cute!


OMG!! She's is just so cute! I could totally imagine her laughter & squeals!!
My nephew gets very excited watching The Wiggles. Although, my sis just took him to see them live & he didn't quite know what to make of it.


Oh my goodness! The video of little Kate is hilarious - she's just too cute! Frozen yogurt, yum! That sure would hit the spot right now!


How did I miss this post??? What a great video! I love it!


How did I miss this post??? What a great video! I love it!


too cute for words. shake it shake it shake it :)


Hrm, I have no idea how I missed this post! That video of litte Kate is the best--silent or not! :) Kate is such a cutepie! Thanks for all the fabulous comments on my flickr stream! You totally made my day. Seriously! I have to go back and reply to your comments. ^_^


Leslie she is so freaking cute!!!


OHMYGOD!!! SHE'S GORGEOUS!!! (And who knew the Teletubbies could cause a girl to get her groove on so hard??) :)

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