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July 24, 2006



Darling goodies for your birthday... lucky gal!

Gifty, Gifty, Gifty... (that's my little chant) You do whatever you got to do with that one. I've never hosted a swap (lame, no excueses) so I don't even know how hard it must be... I wouldn't object to a cap, unless I didn't clue in until after the cap was in place of course.

How hot is it in Dallas, TX? Hmmm, all last week it hit approximately 105, but apparently we're in a cold front now and it's only 96ish.


Here in Maine it's a bit on the moderate side--even though it's 'hot' for us...in the mid-80's, hitting 90 a handful of days. Perfect beach weather around here!

I just heard about Flickr's TOS in regards to the commercial stuff. Almost got myself busted before I figured it all out. Geesh. But a swap not cool on Flickr? Lame.


Oh, yes, it is hot, hot, hot! We do have A/C, but I swear, I'll be cursing it when we get the new bill.

Thanks for the heads' up on Flickr, I had no idea (who reads TOS's anyway?). Yikes - I've got some work to do!

Alicia A.

Last week we were at 103-104 all week. Then the weather broke Friday with some rain, and was in the 80's, but now it's creeping up into the mid 90's again. Ick.

But hey, this is the Midwest. We're used to this in the summer!


Aww. :)

Your etsy shop is adorable. So fun getting to peek at all of your birthday goodies too!

this heat is all kinds of miserable. :(

Adrienne Van Houten

I'm right down the road from you, in Glendale and also in a no a/c house. Lots of sitting and sweating happening.


I'm not even gonna talk about hot, 100 degrees is nothing, but at least I have a/c. I cannot imagine.

Have you ever thought of managing your swap through swap-bot (http://www.swap-bot.com)? I've coordinated a couple and it was pretty painless.

You can have a private swap where you'd link from your site and people would have to enter a password to join. Swappers must register but they can put their profile in swapbot. I used pretty much the same info I email you for gifty once. Swap-bot manages everything from emails to swap partners. Only thing is that you don't get to swap with the same person, it's more random, but it's a thought. There's an FAQ on the site but email me if you'd like more info (change @htomail.com to @hotmail.com).


It's hot here too. Yesterday, I left work and got in my (vair) hot car and drove to the store. I'd cooled off by the time I got there and the store was fine. But then I had to go home and my car had turned ovenish again ... by the time I got home I felt absolutely wilted. I could barely be bothered to put away groceries. I usually don't whine about the heat, but man it's hot!


Your etsy shop is fantastic! I love the paper lantern cards. :)


You received so many fab BDay gifts. I had such a good time looking at them all.

It's so hot here, too. We had a break yesterday, but it's back. Today is going to be 87, but with the humidity it will feel more like 97. Uhhh! Gross!!


It's 100 here in SE Arizona. We are usually about 10 degrees cooler then Tucson and 15 degrees cooler then Phoenix. No a/c here just an evaporative cooler (AKA swamp cooler). It doesn't work with high humidity so its the humidity that gets to us.


It was 104 yesterday and are expecting about 107 today. Tucson. Is. Hot.

Lindsey (Yankee Girl Designs)

It's 93 here in NH, not to bad I guess considering last week we hit 103!!!


It's pretty hot out my way too (100s or so). I'm about ready for this to be over and done with, aren't you?


in san francisco TODAY - it was about 73 outside (it was hotter the past few days) --but inside the house, it was 80 degrees.


Just to make you, well, in a weird kind of way, jealous, here in Melbourne it reached 13 degrees celsius today. Reading all this summer heat stuff is a bit weird for us in the southern hemisphere. Don't worry, we'll be complaining about the heat here in another six months. Think of that when you are cursing no A/C.

Mary Jane

Enjoyed your visit...and love your blog...and yes, it is hot here...112F on Saturday...my garden is looking very sad today from the heat...next week will be better...hugs


Yay! So many goodies! The heat of the last few weeks was insane. Global warming naysayers bite their tongues! It's actually nice and back into the 80s right now. I am so not complaining. =)

Going to check you at Etsy now!!


OH!! What a bunch of SAWEEEEET gifts!! I have to tell you that there was a little cover wrapped individually that went to that tea pot!! LOL~LOL...but HEY...a vase is a good idea too!! LOL!


Great Dane Addict

I so agree that 70 degrees is perfect. You can have the windows open day or night and not have to pay for heat or air conditioning.

I can't stand this heat. Right now in Brookfield, WI - with the heat index - it's 105. If I didn't have air conditioning, I would melt.


You won't believe it but today it's 68 only last week it was 100 for 3 straight weeks - every day and the nights were hot too and all I can say is THANK YOU FOR 68!!!!

I always love looking at birthday presents, you've been spoiled well this year!


Hello hello, Leslie!!! Very cute goodies. Here in Atlanta it was 97 today or somethin' crazy, but the heat index was like 105++++. Hehe. I can't wait for Gifty!


It's about 90 here in Tokyo, and 90% humidity... not fun!
I love your etsy shop.


I'm on the Oregon Coast-not to make ya'all jealous, but it IS 70 here today. Most days run 65 to 70 this time of the year. I don't envy you. Come to the beach!!

Account Deleted

ohh congrats on the etsy shop! it looks perfect!!!!!


I just re-discovered your blog and Im so excited!!! I was making pb&j just this week and the little image of your "skippy count" came into my head. And now I know hot that image got there. Too funny! So glad to have found you again.

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