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June 13, 2006



What a beautiful birthday letter. I'm sure sweet Kate will treasure it when she's older.

HAPPY 1st Birthday Kate!!!


oh leslie. so beautiful, what a wonderful mama. happy birthday dear sweet kate! you are blessed to be born into the family that you have. more love and support could not be found. enjoy your day sweet girl!


Awww. Has it been a year already? Happy Birthday Kate! (I so want to pinch her cheeks.)


Happy 1st Birthday Kate!!


Beautiful post + photograph. Happy Birthday to dear little Kate. Can't believe it has been one year since we both gave birth to our precious babes!


Very sweet. Your letter made me tear. Now I want to go home and cuddle up with my little one too.

Happy Birthday Kate!


Happy Birthday, Kate! What a wonderful mama you have. Beautiful letter, Leslie.


What a touching post, I needed a tissue to get through it. Happy Birthday Kate.


happy birthday little kate!

they grow up way too fast for my liking! i wish they stayed little forever!


she can't be one! oh my gosh - where has the time gone? happiest of birthdays to one extra-special cutie! (cheeks are my weakness!) :D


What a precious little girl! Happy Birthday, Kate.


Happy birthday sweet Kate ♥!


Lovely! Happy Birthday beautiful Kate.


Wow! Has it been a year already? Beautiful picture and post.

Happy Birthday Kate!


Oh, Leslie, how beautiful! I can not believe its been a year already. Time flies!
Happy birthday, sweet Kate!


Wow, a year already? I hope she had a lovely birthday. What a beautiful face.


Happy Birthday Kate love. Oh now I have an excuse to put cute stuff in something I still have to post to your mama :)


lots of love...so sweet....xoxox


Beautiful... happy 1st to your little one.


time flies so fast. happy 1st birthday, sweet kate!


Just beautiful!!! Congrats on her 1st birthday!
I made it tradition to write my boys a short sweet note each birthday - I think it would be lovely to have in the future.


Beautiful letter! Happy belated birthday, Kate!


this is a beautiful letter for a beautiful girl. you're an awesome mama.


Oh, Leslie. That is an amazing letter. It made me teary! Happy belated, babyKate! You're a lucky little girl with an astounding mom!!


happy birthday kate!
leslie, you have a way with words.


Awww, Leslie, that was SWEET! Gorgeous pic too! Happy belated B-day sweet, little Kate!


That first year goes by fast doesn't it? Happy 1st birthday to Kate! She's a doll!

Donna Ferguson

Awww! That was such a beautiful post.


Such a sweet + honest letter, Leslie.

I read this on her birthday (happy birthday dear Kate!) but didn't have a chance to respond because of our move..

Wow has this first year passed already!? I even double checked her birth announcement and looked at those sweet hands and feet... such a beautiful girl. I love how you treasure every minute with her - just as it should be. :)


Thanks for sharing such a personal time. It touched me and served as a reminder of how my kids are so tender and true to love at all costs.
Happy Birthday to your little one.


Happy Birthday a little late sweet baby Kate!!! Journey started talking non stop when she saw this photo of Kate....when I turned to something else in bloglines she cried!!! Happy Birthday from all of us kate!


While I normally don't like mommy blogs, yours is the bestest of them all. Course I only read to see what Henry's gonna do next.

Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong)

That is a truly GORGEOUS picture... Happy Birthday to Kate!


Oh my goodness you absolutely almost made me cry here. It made me remembering the first birthday of my Marjolein, she's going to be sixteen in July... time flies!


Oh, Leslie, this photo and post made me gasp (over her beauty) and tear up at the same time. Birthday #1 seems like it came so quickly...I still have your birth announcement on my bulletin board. I've said it before, but you and Hank make such beautiful babies together.

Sorry I haven't been by much...working way too much lately...throwing me off my blogging game in terms of reading. Hoping to get caught up over summer vacation. Happy Birthday to your girls!


OH MY GOSH! That is such a beautiful letter. I have the biggest tears welting in my eyes. You are such a good Mama! I have an 18 month old little boy that I adore and I could have written ALMOST exactly as you. You are sweet and I love your blog.


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