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April 24, 2006



She's so cute! I love those chubby thighs.

Anne Marie

That picture of Kate is SOOOO adorable!
Sounds like a wonderful vacation...you just let that laundry sit there, and relax some more ;)


Sounds like you had an amazing vacation!! We're going to Nashville in June for my SIL's wedding ... her fiancee is due to be deployed to Iraq sometime after they're married ... Oy. We're due to spend almost a week in Destin, FL right before the wedding, which I'm really looking forward to ... yea!

Darling photo of Kate.


Awww, Kate! I love that photo! It's so sweet and makes me feel all melty even though I have no little people of my own yet to melt over. Awww!

I hope you do take a few days of not doing anything. It's highly important to decompress from travel and vacation. Seriously!


that picture of kate is so, so, so lovely... im all melty too! what a sweet girl, so glad you had time to enjoy your babes. it is all going by so fast, but then things stand still for an expression, a casual statment, or a little hug and kiss. what a wonderful journey!

ps. how can you resist nibbling on those thighs???


Wait, you mean there is such a thing as a "vacation with kids?" Whoa.

Love that pic of Kate, I just want to squeeze her.


I LOVE the photograph of Kate, it is perfect--her pose, her swimsuit, her lovely chubby thighs. Don't you just love those inner knee/thigh rolls?


This picture of Kate reminds me of my neice in her little ruffled swimsuit. Those little roly-poly thighs are too cute!

This post gave me vacation envy... I'm so glad to hear it was a blast!


Oh my gosh, that pic of Kate is just too much!!! So cute! I went to Coronado last year and fell in love with it. Just hearing the name made me feel all warm and tingly inside. Needed it too since it was like 42 degrees today here in Chicago - yuck!


That is such a sweet picture of Kate! You just want to squeeze those legs! Since my son is thinning out now, I don't have much to squeeze anymore.


oh my kate is getting so big!!!! I remember when she was born! Keep up those first baby doll!


OH KATE!! That is such a cute picture and I can't believe how big she is already in her cute bathing suit with her lovely legs - ah, really sweet :o)


Oh...I just LOVE that little chubbiness!! SO sweet! I'm glad she's feeling better...I could feel my chest tightening this morning as I was reading.....


I am so late to the game - but would love those tins or books. And my goodness that photo of Kate is adorable!

greenbeanbaby art

i love the tins too! i bet i am late though :(

your vacation sounds wonderful!!! we need one so bad too!


Just seeing the picture on flickr was great. But reading the post that goes with it makes me all teary - I can feel Kate looking out the window, looking forward, turning her back on babyhood. Or at least the pre-water part of it.


I'm so glad you are had a good vaca. That pic of Kate is too cute! Makes ya just want to bite upon her adorable, chubby legs!


the legs! they're killing me!


Hi Leslie! I haven't commented in a while. I'm still getting used to being a mom to 2 kiddos. I don't know how you do it with 3! Those legs...so cute!!! Penelope is now 6 months and my how time goes by so fast.


What a sweet picture and I love those chubby legs!
Interested in the trade-hoard swap. I have a truckload of stuff and can send photo's if you like...


Oh that adorable little outfit!


Leslie, Happy Belated Mother's Day...to one of the best moms I know! I cannot believe that Kate can be that big already! Where does the time go?! :) Adorable photo.


First, we spent a bliss-filled several days at the Hotel del Coronado in January of 2004 and it was just sublime. Every second in San Diego was marvelous and if we could afford it, we'd move there in a second.

Second, I was just talking last night with the Husband about babies and the difference in my second child and the way I appreciate, now, the babyhood so much more. My daughter was an easy baby and enjoyed everything and meshed so well into our family and my son, who is 15 mos old now, is so different--the second babymoon made me realize how precious and fleeting this time is and how lovely it can all be, even the screamy parts.

Happy, happy day!

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