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April 10, 2006



sorry to hear everyone's been sick---that was a cruel "joke"! hope everyone's feeling better now. i love all the new things at paper princess and just placed an order. (thank you for the discount) and the zen cart is FAB!!

Aimee Roo

what's the crap swap?? sounds like fun to me!! that is, unless it includes actual crap, in which case that is twisted and disturbed, and also pretty funny. ;)

lori (marzipan inc.)

TOO CUTE! you've outdone yourself once again! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new matchbooks!


So what you're saying is, for the 'crap' swap you are giving someone a 'happy meal' container filled with old cans of paint and clogs. I suppose you'll drive it over in the car you barfed in. Sick bastard.


That virus made its way up here too. I love the new Paper Princess items! Especially the calling cards!


What a fun new fabric store and I love the banner you made - very you!! Also the Paper Princes is looking great, I'll have to stop by and buy some goodies soon - love the matchbooklets (darn, I quit smoking :P)

Those Happy Meal Toys are going to be collectables one day. So maybe you should leave them right where they are, you might have a nice pension stuffed under there - LOL!!!


Everything looks just amazing at the PP... :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your swap goodies too!


Sorry to hear your family was sick. Some of my friends and their kids got the same bug, and I heard it was awful.

Love the bird on the matchbooklet.


Oh my heavens! Everything is so splendid. I love the new stuff as much as the old stuff!!! I wish I had a fortune; I'd buy up the whole lot!


thanks for sharing the new sewing link. i've always wanted to try sewing w/ oil cloth.
hope everyone's feeling better now.


the site looks wonderful! and those booklets are adorable!

Hope everyone is feeling better!


hi i couldn't find an email on your site to contact you, i hope you don't mind me commenting here with a question ... i want to buy your tags and other paper goods for use in my scrapbooks with my photos ... are they acid-free and archival safe for such use? thank you! :)


OK, I'm on it. Can I say that the current issue of Domino is totally worth that $5, so much good stuff in there.


Ooh, I hope your fam is back in great shape and consuming peanut butter by the gallon! I love your paper princess stuff. I'm going to have to do some browsing!


Oh Les...it's just wonderful!! (the shop) And your products are so fetching!! xoxox


crap swap? sounds hmm... interesting! hope I can join in the fun! :-)

beautiful match "box" too! beautiful!


Such fun answers! And the Paper Princess is looking awesome. You are such a rock star. But, you already knew that!


Thank you Leslie! I just received my order of the matchbooklets and the paper lantern note cards! I love everything!! The matchbooklets are such a great idea and I have coveted those paper lantern note cards for a long time!! Thank you for being so quick. Hugs!


Oooh, Rubber Sol! Come back. We miss you.

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