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March 04, 2006



I always thought that that 9 month age was just the best! For so many reasons. Enjoy every minute, man it goes fast!


I love all of the textures in this illo... so pretty!

9 months is at a such a sweet age, it makes me smile... just thinking of little Kate scooting & giggling! :)


It's hard to believe that our littlest bun is almost nine months old. Where has the time gone? She's sitting next to me right now, filling her diaper, and even that's cute. What worries me, though, is the next fifteen years. How in the world will I survive two gorgeous teenage daughters? If I'm a little touchy from 2015 through about 2023, I hope you'll understand...


I bet she's super gorgeous!!! I'm going to get my gifty photos up soon!


Wow. 9 months already?! I'll bet she's a beauty. :)


So sweet!! Soon she'll be chasing after her big siblings...(dear lord...will she try to keep up with Henry??) If she can keep up with him...she'll be a butt-kickin' little girl no doubt!

HEY...you Dooo know me. that's scary. hehe.


I love your flapping arms illo!

9 months old. How exciting!


I love your illustration. That's such a cute age. It's bittersweet to see them grow and change, knowing that each new milestone takes them a little further away from you.


Oh, Leslie, this post made my heart melt. Just melt! Into a big, googly pool of mush. I love the story of this moment in time for you and Kate and look forward to the day I experience it myself and can say, Leslie totally told it like it is. =)

I also LOVE the illo. So sweet! The textures are fab too. Rockstar mom, you!


9 is a significant # for me too (the day i was born and the month and year i got married)- plus something i'll share soon on my blog too... it is amazing how fast kids grow and what they pick up. my son is already learning how to "pretend" right now and it just makes me smile.


Happy three quarters of a year old Kate !
: )


Awww... what a darling illo. You must feel so lucky to have such a nice family. :) Congrats to you and Miss Kate. Hope the moment doesn't pass too fast!

PS. Thanks for the link!


Awww... what a darling illo. You must feel so lucky to have such a nice family. :) Congrats to you and Miss Kate. Hope the moment doesn't pass too fast!

PS. Thanks for the link!


Hi, my daughter is nearly nine months old too, and I know exactly how you are feeling about the 9 month anniversary. I love your illustration too, its really sweet!

greenbeanbaby art

wow, i dont even remember 9mos... he is 19mos now and it's definitely full of surprises!! i think the mark for me though, as far as memorable, was 10mos... that is when he started walking during the nba game... it was then that life seemed to flip upside down... him walking, falling, hazards, spills, chasing, running, falling (yeah, i said that twice for a reason)... i just remember his big ol' cheesy grin as he'd walk around... and i say walk loosely cuz this kid really runs!!! he was always rushing everywhere! like his mami... *sigh* you bring back hazy memories ;)


all the wiser mothers of three children grown and gone tell me that the third baby is the one that lives a life of easy love with mama. the one that is indulged and relished. all the worries of being a parent have already been worked out. i am glad you are indulging in the joy and ease of kate! enjoy all the sweetness, you deserve it!


those baby years go by so fast! you are wise to relish these precious days. wonderful post!


If she's been out as long as she was in... I suggest throwing yourself an Inside Outside party and celebrating for both of you!

Congratulations... my baby is just over ten months so I had mine not too long ago.


Your site is adorable!

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