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February 08, 2006



I enjoyed my little rump through your half of the state on Monday. Weather was warmer and the "CPT" wasn't THAT bad. I bet you that I'm the only person in the world who has business trips to Compton. Next time we should meet for some Tito's!


Damn it. I meant ROMP. I hate typos.


These are so fun to read, I got tagged too!

I love waiting for guffman - have not seen it in ages - didn't the same guy do Best in Show? I loved that too...


Love your illo! Happy Birthday Henry!


do you think you can convert that math into applicable formulas for mothers that may be moving to LA with three children? seems like it would be most helpful! birthday parties are great, until you get home and try to get your sugar beasts to do something normal like nap!

happy birthday sweet henry! big boy, just to let you know eliot stated that now that he is four, he eats his crusts. maybe you are already there?


That illo cracked me up. You are still my "super hero mum"!!



Happy Birthday Henry!! Give your Mommy a great big kiss :)


I both love and hate those mad-busy weekends. They can be so much fun, but you feel like you need another weekend to recover from your weekend.

I have my gifty stuff almost done! Will finish it tonight and then send tomorrow. Thanks again for organizing. So much fun ... You do get a package too, don't you??


I had a feeling The Outsiders might make it onto the 4 films list. =)

I hear you on traffic (uck! the thing that made us love leaving Chicago) and whirlwind (hello, I am the time-unmanagement queen) and still loving it all after all.

Happy Happy to sweet Henry!! Awww!


Oh, I hear you on driving around L.A. with kids. No fun! Happy birthday, Henry.


oh yes...OC/LA traffic...i remember it well and not fondly...driving kiddos to and fro...did all that too. then i moved 1,000 miles away and don't miss it a bit. my heart is with you though leslie, really! and i hope you get that nap soon.


L -- I love your illo...so cute.
Darn, I missed the gifty. Maybe I can catch the next one. I'm trying to catch up with everyone out there...finally!
Wishing you well.


I love the illustration -- it makes me wonder how we ever survived, and I wasn't even along for all the action on Friday afternoon... And for the record, we logged 249 miles in the Odyssey from Friday evening to Sunday night. Thank goodness we've got back-to-back three-day weekends on the way.


You know, I was raised in LA County till I was 12. I was raised on a dairy farm, can you believe it? The place is practically unrecognizeable to me now.


Happy Birthday Henry!!



I can barely even look at that Target symbol without a twinge of guilt... I've been very very very bad there this week! Your weekends are so jam packed... wowza, you must need the whole week after just to re-coup! ;)


I've only been to LA once & had an aniexty attack because of all of the traffic. I'm amazed at all that you do.

A Very Happy B-Day to Henry!!!


ahhh, gotta love getting around in LA! Happy Birthday Henry! Four is gonna be fantastic!


Happy Belated Birthday to Henry! I was without a computer for a MONTH...so I'm just getting caught up. This is the one time, Leslie, that I'm glad you're not a more prolific poster...ha! :)

pamela Garrison

I love, love, love your illustration. You are so clever and unique!

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