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January 31, 2006



Wait, I'm unclear on one thing. Is there something wrong with Skippy peanut butter, the purest and most wholesome substance on the face of the earth?

And while we're busy unlocking the mysteries of DNA, why don't we take a gander at Ms. Rubber-Sol's double-helix, shall we?

1. The Meatball Gene
She will tell any who ask that she does not eat red meat. What she won't mention is that for dinner TONIGHT! she had meatballs made from ground beef. Her mother makes these, and they're insanely delish. Leslie enjoys them best from while dining in the comfort of her glass house.

2. The Monorail Gene
Whether working on a project, worrying about a problem, or memorizing her school district's pay scale while "encouraging" her husband to complete his master's degree, our dear Leslie tends to have a bit of a one-tracked mind. This razor-like focus is rather endearing, though, paper-cuts and all.

And finally...
3. The DaVinci Gene
Just like the old master himself, Leslie's artistic genius cannot be contained in just one area. Whether she's writing witty posts, designing sharp stationery, knitting sweaters, or taking beautiful pictures, she simply cannot be stopped.

Any revelations beyond these three genes would probably be unwise at this juncture. February is a cold month, and it's even colder on the couch.


I won't make a guess. We eat lots of peanut butter here too (I buy the twin pack at Sam's Club like Costco). I will cut Skippy coupons though just for YOU ;)


Ok my guess is: 20 jars!

My theory being that it's probably pretty easy to go through a jar in a month but not so easy to go through two. *nearly* two though, is probably do-able. And twenty is a nice round number.


lori (marzipan inc.)

my guess is going to be 35 jars in one year.

i too am a peanut butter lover (it all started when i was pregnant with the little dude) however, i prefer jif...and it HAS to be crunchy!


I kind of admire Hank and Alison for even managing 1 pot so I'm not going to guess - LOL!! They must smell like it? I was having a kid in my class when I was young and the only thing she ate was cream cheese and honestly she smelled like it!!

Oh I'm looking forward to Gifty!!!


I'm guessing 40. I really wanted to say one per week but the 40 oz. threw me. I'm trying to picture my husband in his prime PB consumption years and if he had a partner in crime....Yep, I'm going with 40.


wow. this is really tough. have you noticed any seasonal trends in the skippy consumption? more in the summer vs. winter? hmmm... i am going to say 27 40oz jars. wow...


LOL! This is such a funny post. My fave snack when I worked @ home was a slice of wheat bread, toasted, with a layer of Jif creamy (my fave brand) and 9 banana slices (3x3) on top. Usually I had this with a glass of milk ... YUM.

I guess I'll guess err ... 43. Because it's prime. Hehe.


I understand the skippy gene all to well, ours deals with cheese...

I am going to guess 25 jars:)

and now I have to go make a peanut butter bagel!


I'm a PB aholic too. I could slather it on anything, but especially love it on a PB, banana and brown-sugar sprinkled grilled sandwich (said *salivating*). My toddler eats it by the spoon full and Nana-butters is her favorite comfort food (sliced bananas with a layer of PB).

Based on our average household consumption, slightly escalated to account for the slightly larger appetite of an older child/husband. I'm formally submitting my guess of: 22 jars.

Love your blog by the way. Can't remember if I've commented before... :)




Um, I absolutely understand the tomato thing. When it's processed a little (chopped here, smooshed there, garlicked to the hilt, etc...), it is yum. In its pure state, no way.

I'll venture on the PB (we love PB around the monkeygnome home too) and guess 27.


I'm gonna guess 52 jars, one for every week!


I guess 38!


oh and I am with Hank, Alison and Giao about tomtatos - I always say the "T" in BLT is for Toast!


I can't even begin to guess, but now I'm curious!
LOL, but this post made me crave peanut butter!


LOL funny! :) Ya'll would love my family birthdays. We get a care package with AT LEAST 2 jars in it. :) Um, I will guess... 29.


Before I guess, I have to say that you now have me craving Skippy! We usually buy the self-serve pb from Whole Foods because it's quite delish, but tonight creamy Skippy sounds more delish! How about spoonfuls of Skippy and a Hershey's Chocolate bar? Mmmm

I will guess 38!


This is a tough one. I can't even imagine a 40 oz jar of Skippy! My guess is 53 jars. That's seems like way too much, but I'll stick with it!!


that's a lot of PB - my guess is 17 jars a year.


Okay, in the interest of Science, I am prepared to eat as much peanut butter as I can over the next fifty-two weeks. In the interest of Science. I will do anything for Science. Perhaps Leslie will then run a clever post on how much weight her husband has gained over the past year. But if DeNiro can do it for Raging Bull, I can do it for Skippy.


The first number that popped into my head as I read this was 42, so 42 it is!


My son, Ross, shares your husband's tomato tastes...he treats them exactly the same. Fresh is repugnant but reconstituted is divine.

Also, we are huge PB lovers here. Costco's giant PB Skippy's are so worth it.

andrea from the fishbowl

I can't resist this one. I have some PB monsters here myself *and* tomato issues so I can totally see where you're coming from.
My guess is 29. :)

jenny vorwaller

ahhh! my son has this gene! i'm going to guess 43, because that's prolly how much he'll go through all by himself...he eats a LOT.

Sara M

I'm guessing 33 jars. Why 33? Because '3' is the magical number! ;o)


this fellow peanut butter aficionado guesses 54! (although i must say that i am a jif girl...hehe)


Has anyone else guessed 50?


We are pb fanatics, too. I'm gonna guess 49m but only because that hasn't been guessed. Our pb consumtion is close to 52 per year (that's 16oz WF crunchy jars).


I'm going to say 26.I am almost there myself but it is my main protine!


Yikes! I know I'm late but I still want to play!!! My guess is 36 even though I don't have a clue what a 40 oz. can of peanut butter looks like!


78, that's my guess.


Hmm. I would guess around 60. I totally empathize with the peanut butter addiction. I'm a little off track if I haven't had my daily dose. Toast with peanut butter and honey is my fav. You should detail how they eat it. I'm interested in getting new ideas for how to consume it.:-)

jenny vorwaller

DANG! you just got to 44!! :o) can i guess again? teehee.


where do you buy coupons for peanut butter?


ya'll have two weeks to eat two more!! ;)

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