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January 02, 2006



But you forgot the best part -- we'll get to have lunch together again! (Unless you decide to stay home, which would also be fine.)


Good luck with feigning work tomorrow! And I thought I was the only owner of three-days-in-a-row jeans but I have the drool-mark-on-the-shoulder shirt to match. I'm really dreading going back to work but with all the cussing I'm doing, I need a paycheck to pay off the cuss jar. :)


good luck!!!


I can only advice you to stay home but only because I'm enjoying staying home so much :o)



LOL! I'm sure there will a few things that aren't awful about being back at work ... good luck with the fake working. I know quite a few who pull it off successfully, practically make a career of it. :) :P hehe


Leslie, your website is just wonderful. So glad you found my blog, cause now I've found yours : ) Best of luck heading back out to work again.


Good luck Leslie! It won't be too bad, I think. I didn't want to go to work either and I haven't been on leave like you have so you'll surely have other people to commiserate with.


oh! i hope it doesnt hurt too much! but i like to think that once you are back at work, there might be more blogging in your future? i know thats the only way i get any of mine done... um, dont tell! good luck leslie!


Wishing you the best of luck... I know that feeling of dread all too well~ if that feeling doesn't pass, don't ignore it! Ok... promise?!


Oh Leslie, I hope the R.T.W.A.E.M. is not too painful. Sending good wishes to you as I sit here with spit up stains on my shirt and unwashed-hair-in-a-ponytail.


Oh Leslie. I know your pain and anguish after such a joyfully full and long time away. I'm sending you big happy vibes and wishes for the quickest first day back ever, ever! Take good care of you!


I had to return to work today, too, and I only had a 17-day break...so I can only imagine how much you didn't want to go back...because *I* didn't want to go...and I don't have a beautiful baby as my reason. :)


Awww.... I hope today wasn't too bad! I know how you feel, tomorrow I have to go back to school after 4 weeks off. I can't believe its gone by so quickly... and I don't have a gorgeous incentive to stay at home :)


When I'm at home and have piles of laundry I think I'd rather be working. At work, though I just want to go home. Let us know what you decided. . .
If I could, I'd stay home with the kids and take afternoon naps. Laundry and all.


Coming in on this kind of late - hope your first day was better than expected! I can't even imagine how hard it must be to leave that beautiful little girl behind! But I'm sending you all the best happy back to work vibes possible! Good luck! P.S. I love that George line - oh so true!


hope your first day back went well =)


I hope your first day went well. I know it must be hard to get back in the groove after eight months, and I can really relate to the wardrobe issues. I had to go out and buy new clothes when I went to a job interview a few months ago. I have to say, though, now that my daughter is a toddler sometimes it seems like work would be relaxing in comparison to wrangling her all day.


Ugh - boy do I hear you! I hope your first days back are going ok, although I would vote for leave of absence! Of course, I'm still working in my miserable job, so I obviously haven't taken my own advice!


Hope it went well *fingers crossed*

joy madison

I hope it all went well and quick-like a band-aid! You are a good mommy! Hope work starts to feel right quickly!


I hope your 1st day was quick & painless.

Anne Marie

I hope you first day was wonderful! I bet your work gang was happy to have you back.


I get to have lunch with Mike everyday and I love it... so that is so nice you get to have lunch with Hank!

Let us know how it went!


This is after the fact but I know you did great! I'm sure everyone missed you and the honeymoon lasted more than two hours. You're supercute and everyone knows it. *mwah*


Hope the day was better than anticipated. And I so remember all the years of having schumtz on my shoulders. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe when the kids finally got out of that stage!

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