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December 24, 2005



I always feel so lucky when I get to be the first one to post -- like having the first scoop of ice cream out of the box. I'm glad to see that you're posting again -- I've missed reading about our life on these pages. When can we expect more illustrations?


Better late than never! I have meant to publish posts that have never seen the light of day -- such as the cute boxes that I got from you. I just opened the box for "Astrid" on Christmas eve and discovered the goodies within. What nice surprises!

Happy New Year to you and your wacky (in a good way) family, Leslie!


Sounds like you've been crazy-busy, as usual. Happy New Year's, Leslie, to you and your beautiful family.


Sorry to hear that Henry & Kate have been sick. I hope they are feeling better. It's that time of year! Both of my girls have been sick and the little one still has sneezes & a runny nose. We too did a trip to the ER. Hope everyone had fun on Christmas though!!


Hope things are calming down and that the kiddies get well soon. Work truly does seem evil after a break, even a short one ... *sigh*


i am glad you and hank had some time to relax before the storm hit. it seems like so many of us were down for the count this christmas, but nothing is as sad as when your little ones are sick. so glad to hear that they are on the mend! and so wonderful to hear from you again!! i hope you can squeeze in a few more peaceful days before work starts up!


so happy to "see" you once again! (it seems that a killer flu has hit the southland, as i, too, was incapacitated all last week, and so many family members as well.) glad to hear the little ones are on the mend, and hope you are able to thoroughly enjoy each remaining moment of your break!


Leslie, so good to see ya!

Yuri has a great sense of humor, a "corridor of love"... hee!
I hope Henry and Kate are feeling better now, it's so great we were blessed with such great sunshine over the holidays... hopefully that made for good healing weather. I've had to spend a lot of time outside the past two weeks, and all of my furniture was there with me... so I was very thankful! It was so great hanging out with you and Hank at Bizarre Bazarre... we'll have to plan on another adventure soon! :)


Glad to hear that Henry & Kate are on the mend & that Santa arrived even with all the chaos.
"The corridor of love" has captured my curiosity. Please do show pics when Mr. Yury finishes it.


Leslie: I absolutely LOVE your sites. Your illustrations are beautiful, your stories so funny and familiar [as a mommy of two] and your family so charming. I look forward to reading more blogs from you in 2006. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you guys got to relax a little before Christmas, at least. Happy New Year!


Hi Leslie - I hope the kids are feeling better. It's no fun with a sick baby, I better cross my fingers! You and I both go back to work at the same time... my days of lazing about are almost over. :(


Leslie, it's always great hearing from you, like getting a long newsy letter from a friend. Sorry to hear there's been a nasty bug in your house, it's sure going around. I also wanted to tell you just how much I loved the card sets I ordered from you. They are absolutely beautiful--really outstanding. I blogged all about it too! Thanks so much for the free one, that was such a great deal. Peace*Hugs to you!


Oh! Being sick around the holidays - what a bummer! So glad the kidlets are on the mend though. And even more glad that you're posting again. Have a fabulous time ringing in the new year with your loved ones!


Sounds like you had a great Christmas season. Hope that you post more in the New Year...


Yay! You're back! Boo! Your kids are sicky-poo! (mine too...I feel your pain)


i don't know how many times i've turned into the wicked witch -- haha... especially with the hubby - i hope your kids get well soon.


hope everyone is on the mend...i hear you on the worrying (and the dust).
a very happy and healthy new year to you all!


We miss you too! Come back as soon as you can but take care of your babies first. :)


I'm sorry the babies are sick and hope they get better soon! Let us know what Santa brought them. Happy New Year to you and your family!


i hope the wee ones are doing better now! happy new year to you and your family. thank you so much for sending me those cards- you're incredibly sweet! i hope this new year brings you much happiness and peace. hugs! ♥


I don't know how I missed this post...oh, yeah, I was at my folks' land of sluggy dial-up! Happy happy holidays in the most belated way possible and so sorry to hear about the kiddies getting so dreadfully sick. That's never a good thing. Take care of you!!

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