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November 09, 2005



Pretty much, thats the jackpot. What a lovely little thing to share with us. And I was doing so well not wanting another baby! Sounds pretty good though...


Don't worry, my love. I promise that I'll never stop holding your hand or writing you love notes. Our children might outgrow such things, but I never will...

lori (marzipan inc.)

you guys are too darned cute. how sweet. leslie....i just can't get over your illustrations. they are absolutely beautiful. -lori


gosh leslie, are you trying to make us cry? i mean come on, you know im pregnant and have no control over my emotions right now. i cant go to sleep at night without a peek-in that usually involves kisses and hand holding. and right now i just cant resist when eliot asks me to take a nap with him because i think ahead to when he is 15 and doesnt want me to hug or kiss him. lovely post, and sweet comments from hank. you two are wonderful!


ps. love the illo, but when do we get to see more pictures of sweet kate?


you two are adorable. so happy that you shared that with us. your illustrations are gorgeous. i can't wait to have a family of my own. i look forward to moments like these :)


This post is beautiful! You put my thoughts into words. And you are blessed to have such a wonderful family!


Darling illo, Leslie. So sweet!


Awww... what a sweet post. Your kiddos are lucky to have such a lovely momma.


You HAVE to make a print of that and frame it for Kate's room... that is too sweet!


Leslie, what a beautiful post! You are so blessed!!


Awww! Your words and the illo are too sweet,what a blessing to have all that you do. I long for the days when I have little people of my own to share such moments with! In fact, I shall print this post out and conveniently leave it on the boyfriends bed, maybe that will move the process along ;-)!


Thanks for posting this... I always need a reminder that my little monster is really a sweetie most of the time! It's so easy for me to get caught up in the stress of daily life and forget how incredible they are...


Awww man. Just when I'm finally peaceful and alone here at 11pm, this post makes me want to go in the babies' rooms and wake them up to cuddle. You really did nail it Leslie. These little terrrors are absolute poetry when they are sleeping. I love their little milk breath and endearing little snores and oh my heavens, it's all over if they give a little sigh when we sneak in for a squeeze before we sneak off to bed....


I love this! the illio, and the sentiment! sniff sniff!


that's so lovely! i hope we're as happy and lucky as you two (and three and four and five) are! i don't even have any sweet babies and already i'm feeling sad about them growing up.



I love your illustration, especially the eyes are so dreamy!!


Aww, what a sweet post! It made me teary. I love that illo. Kate's crazy hair is my favorite little person thing I've seen for quite some time!


My Ross has crazy hair, which he makes worse but sleeping on it and never combing it. LOL..

Great illustration of your daughter.


you got me crying over they keyboard here. seven months pregnant with my first, may explain that. that was just too beautiful.


Ahhhhh...what a sweet little post.
BTW, like the new banner---is it new? Or have I been away too long?


you and hank... so sweet.


OK, so I can't even write a real comment because I've got to go take another peek at my little one before she wakes up. What a lovely post. Enjoy!


Awww... that's so sweet. I'm a bit misty. Can't wait to have a baby or two of my own. :)


Hank just kills me with his comments. How lucky you are to have those three beautiful babes...and how lucky they are to have you and Hank. xoxo


So beautifully said. :)


Just stopping by to wish you, Hank and the kids a glorious Thanksgiving. Hope Kate's 1st one is a special one. xoxo


what a wonderfully sweet post!!


Why do our babies grow so darn fast! =(
Great post! So sweet!


I love Kate's crazy hair, it's the best! I cannot beleive she is getting her teeth already... Elliot is still my little toothless wonder at 7.5 months. Such a little talker though, just like big sis... "Mama, Dada, Hi..." Sitting up and starting to move and roll around, nearly crawling. Why do they have to grow so fast. Somethimes I think I subconciously make myself believe that if I hold her a little longer and a little tighter she'll stay my baby longer, wouldn't that be nice.


I am blessed too- and it's nice to be reminded.

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