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November 03, 2005



Love your blog!! Beautifu postings!



"So. . .where are you from?"

"I'm from the LBC, bitches!"


Wow, you were just up in my neck of the woods! And I freaken LOVE Tito's. There is no other taco in my opinion.

Everytime we are in LA we stop there, it helps that my DH grandmother lives ONE BLOCK from there! Oh man I need to go there now!


I like your answers. It's funny how I never realized how many things we have in common. I remember seeing you and Hank on T.V.! I was all excited that I knew you. Good novelas are rare now. Either that or I'm just not keeping up. La Mentira was the last good one I saw. No me la perdia!


I know what you mean about the maternal fat stores. I have the maternal fat "MALL." I have yet to catch your episode, and I've been watching that show since I've been on leave. My friend and I discovered Tito's by accident - she moved down the street from them and we kept wondering why there was such a long line everytime we drove by, then we finally discovered why ourselves. Tito's and Versailles (love that garlic chicken!) are my favorite places to eat when in town.

Anne Marie

OMG Hank's SLO list of numbers is hilarious!
Don't give up on the road trips just yet.


Hey! How did you know about my crazy Uncle Al? Only its more like thanksgiving and christmas... Your answers are hilarious. So I am curious about what show you were on?


I hope that I can have the labor luck that you had when I finally have kids!

You were on a TV show??? Was it Couples Fear Factor? Wife Swap? What Not To Wear? I'm very curious...

I was on a show once, actually twice - the new Pyramid Game show. I should blog about it some day.


Thanks for the tag! I'll try to think up some good stuff, although I'm not sure I can top yours! I'll have to try Tito's next time we're down there - sounds divine! You're totally teasing us with the tv show... do tell! SLO sounds a lot like some road trips we've experienced... funny how travel becomes such a frightening concept after children...


oh dear... i'm so sorry to hear that your SLO trip had so many shortcomings! Just think though, someday you can have your kids do the driving while you and hank watch DVD's in the backseat... ;)


sorry about the bad parts of the trip -- love hank's list, though. great meme answers, i'm dying to know what show it was -- was it a tlc show?

looking forward to the new cards!


I love finding out all these obscure things about you...


I can't believe I grew up in the OC and never heard of Tito's... What? Tell me where it is and we'll have to go there when we visit in December!

You HAVE to tell us the show... I will be obsessed now. I was on a game show once, and won about $1500. Remember Win, Lose or Draw? I was the Queen...


Wait, I just re-read this post. "Maternal fat stores"? You're not fat.

He's coming to "EAT YOUR FAMILY."

That's fat.


Hey -- wouldn't it be fun if I started my own "meme" -- and by the way, what the hell is a meme? -- and made a list of the 20 things that Leslie does NOT want the blogosphere to know about? I'm not sure if our marriage would survive if I posted all twenty, so here's just a little taste:

1. Leslie burps like a sailor. She usually likes to accentuate the burp by saying the word "ralph" while burping. Not surprizingly, she chose not to reveal this "talent" until after we were married. I love her nonetheless.

2. Yes, Leslie loves to spend an afternoon being pampered at the day spa, but probably her greatest pleasure it to rotate her closed fist at ridiculously high speeds against the side of her nostril -- sometimes two fists at once, one on each side. Don't worry, though. She's not picking, just itching. But here's the best part -- she actually does it in her sleep sometimes!

3. Hmm... I think number three should stay in the vault for now.

In the interest of full disclosure, here's a secret of mine. When Leslie came over for the first time when we were dating, my apartment was an absolute disaster. Whatever you imagine when I say that, double it and you're getting close to the actual picture. Anyway, Leslie happened to notice something when she was looking at my toothbrush -- the toothbrush that I had been using everyday for months. There was mold on it.

Can you believe she still married me?


HA! I LOVE Hank's addendum to your list. :) I love your list. As for nos. 9 and 11...I've said it before...you and Hank make the prettiest babies. As for #1...Jeffrey went through that when we lived in the V.I...everyone assumed he was West Indian...even AFTER he talked to them (with NO accent). I see you've tagged me...I did a "20 things" post awhile back, but a few of my readers asked for 20 more...you've inspired me to see if I can do another one. :)


Hee! I love this 20 things game! It's always fun to lean a little more about you every now and again! I need to go over and read Hank's account on your SLO trip (I don't even know what SLO stands for!).

Talk soon!


Sorry the roadtrip didn't go as smooth as expected, but at least it made for a great blog post on Hank's site! Ah, the telenovela - I've managed to break free from it's evil hold. Oh, purty please do tell what show you were on!


Maybe I should go to Alison's dentist! I am such a ninny when I go! Off to read Hank's post...


LOL! Your posts (and Hanks) always make me laugh. I actually feel like the motherhood thing is defintely for me (as opposed to around 60% sure).


bueno chica, its settled. i am designating you my spanish practice penpal partner. yo tambien hablo pero soy taaaan perezosa que lo estoy perdiendo. did that make sense?? love the memes and hanks too. what a duo! sugar bugs...ugh, i think we have some of those. i wonder if it would be cheaper to fly to socal to have the work done? at least i could eat me some titos. mmmm...baby wants tacos....


So, c'mon tell us which show--pretty please?

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