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November 30, 2005



Very very busy indeed. I've taken to doing 90% of my shopping online. I hate going to the mall and especially this year, when we're having xmas out of town, it makes great sense for me to have everything shipped to my inlaws. All I'm taking in the car is a huge roll of wrapping paper. ;)

I'm sad you won't be home with your little one anymore! As we've been talking about the kids thing, whether to work or not post kid is a huge question for me. I truly do have the option, but I worry about missing adult contact and getting back into it once my kids get older... plus, the extra income is soooo nice. Such a big question mark ... Good luck with your transition.


I feel for you having to go back to work. Heck, I hate going to work and I don't have a beautiful baby at home! :) Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Happy, Happy Holidays, Leslie! Hard to believe how fast this year has flown by! :)


Your new cards are beautiful -- how is that your stuff just keeps getting better and better? One question, though. When the money starts rolling in as people start buying up the new card sets, are you planning on a raise for Employee #1?

lori (marzipan inc.)

beautiful new stuff! i love the one you show above but i don't see it available on the website. am i missing it? i want some! -lori


i know what you mean about going back to work...it's hard enough going back after vacation, i can't imagine how hard it is to part with a sweet baby :(

woo hoo on the busy busy paper princess! rockin'!

ps--i thought for a moment that you were expecting another wee one, i'm slow like that :)


Wow, Leslie! Those look GREAT! I'm going to shop now


I love your new cards!! I'm actually quite curious of what your Christmas cards are going to look like with having not two but three photo models :o)


Oh Leslie. I am smitten smitten with your cards and will be off to order some pronto. Damn, they're great!! I hear you on being swamped, and I am no ringmaster. I feel for you. I really do. Esp. with the factor of returning back to work soon (baahhh!). So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (it sounds divine!) and that your fuzzies are growing back in. =)


Your cards are beautfiul! And I love that on one of the cards it says A Note From Kate. I can see already what it will look like!

I have a 4.5 month old daughter (Piper) and am STILL losing my hair (third child). I thought with the other two it was done by now. The drains in my house are groaning and I am ready for it to stop!


Oh, your designs are beautiful!

How awesome that you can volunteer in Alison's class and help out in Spanish! I'm sure it makes her so proud to have you there!


Time really flies doesn't it? Time to go back already... wow.
Your new cards are fantastic, rock on paper princess! :)

I'm with Yvonne... can't wait to see your Christmas cards this year!


Hello??? Don't I know you????

(the noteflat sets are adorable!)


I love the new cards--just placed an order for myself and for friendship gifts. Sounds like you are ultra busy now...good luck with everything!


Leslie i don't know how you squeeze everything in!!
I absolutely love everything I bought from The Paper Princess! The hand painted hat box came out so lovely. I already filled it with lots of goodies. And my mother-in-law to be is going to just love her notecards. Thank you!!


Hi Leslie! Looks like you and me are going back to you know where on the same day. The new cards and custom stationery look good - I'm going to have to place an order!


Sounds like you have been very busy! Are you going to slow down over the holidays?


Hey hey, just dropping in to say hi. Hope things are fun (in a peaceful way) as the holiday season kicks in. :-) and I especially hope you're having some wonderful "baby days" right now.


Your serfs await word from their Queen, madame... You mean having a husband and three kids and working and being a master crafter has left you no time for blogging?! Gee. Seems like you need to get your priorities in order... ;)

Happy Holidays, Leslie! I adore you if even when you don't post frequently. Hope you and Hank and the kids have a fabulous Christmas. Big hugs. xoxo

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