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October 11, 2005



An interesting addendum to the tale. Midway through my fourth period class on Monday, my cell phone rings. My understanding class quiets for a moment as I try to decode the ranting of a crazy woman on the other end. It went something like this:

Lady: Guess whose crap-filled pants I just cleaned?!!?
Me: Who is this?
Lady: Indecipherable.
Me (Recognizing the dulcet tones of my true love): Leslie, is that you?
Leslie: Sound of phone being banged against car dashboard.
Me: So it is you. How are you doing?
Leslie: I just got called to Henry's school to change his pants, and it was the absolute messiest thing you can imagine!
Me: Hmm.
Leslie: It was absolutely unbelieveable!!!
Me: Okay. I love you.

I'm not sure, but I think that made it all better.


HILARIOUS! Oh, sometimes it feels good when you can really sympathize with someone about something, and then its ok sometimes not to have had that same poop all over the backs of the legs sort of memory in your own life! I love the "half baked brownie" descriptor- unbelievable! Seriously, thats funny!
And just to make you feel better, David actually thinks that the long knitted tights that look so cute under skirts and dresses can serve as pants. Nothing says cute like my amazon princess with all that long leg clad in tights with half a crack showing out the back and some mismatched too small t-shirt that used to belong to her brother. Pretty!


Ohhh your trip sounds lovely. The pooh. Well I managed to stick (no pun intended) through and read the whole post. OOOH ICKY ICKY ICKY. Just when I was thinking "hmmmm maybe a kid would be ok"...I read something like this ;)


Why are poop stories always so funny? I'm so glad I was not standing in your shoes. I'm going to check your new goodies :o)


So glad you're back!!!! Sorry about all the chutes in your days ... I guess they make the ladders that much more special though. :)

The new stuff looks great. I can't wait to check it out.


I enjoyed reading your post. It was hilarious! And I can relate to leaving the husband in charge of the kids' wardrobe. Loved Hank's addendum too! Your family will surely have fun memories to talk about later when the kids are older (or maybe not?). OK, I'm off to check your goodies now.


oh man leslie...im not ready!!! somehow i think eliot and collette have conspired to get us more ready by waking up in the middle of the night lately. what is up with that? we need to be banking as much sleep as possible right now as far as im concerned! poo is hillarious though, luckily for me since eliot is deathly afraid of pooing (because it hurts) his is usually of the rock solid variety. i kid you not, i have seen that kid walk out of his room to tell us he had an accident and it looked like he had a banana stuck in the back of his underpants!!! so glad you had fun on your trip, and very excited about the shop updates!! thanks for the shipping deal!


Welcome back! =)


Oh my goodness. That poop story is really something. You are such a super trooper, Leslie. REALLY.

And it's a joy to see your NYC pic up there. It takes me right back. I'm about to venture down to finally do my post.


You mean, in the middle of all of the cross-country traveling and jet-setting in NYC and poop clean-up you didn't have time to BLOG?! Good lord, woman, get your priorities in order, will ya?! You deserve a Mom of the Year Award for poop patrol alone...or at least a full day of pampering by your husband... :)


wow, I slip by to check on you and you're having fabulous weekends in NY and wiping poo off babies...your life is like that game!


No insurance for your second Kid?
Second kids really do get the shaft.


Oh my that is some poop story! And the insurance bit really sucks.


What a great funny post (okay, funny for me reading it, but so funny for you being in that stall with henry and all the wipes I'm sure).

And our trip, I know during it I kept saying "If I miss my dog this much, I can NOT imagine what you are feeling missing those 3 adorable kids!" , which in hindsight probably made it worse for you already missing them, but I am SO glad you came and I got to meet you - it was a wonderful trip!


I love Hank's addendum - what a sweetie!!


I'm so sorry to hear about all of these "chutes"... we need more ladders! Your new products look very sweet... I'm off to check them out! :)

jenny vorwaller

yes! welcome back! i have seen lots of yur trip (adn you!) over at flickr-what fun you all had!

this post is so funny, the chutes and ladders thing is just so clever...


Glad to see you back, your NYC trip sounds like it was super fun. Darn those insurance companies, they always try to screw you! Good job handling the whole poo situation - you truly are "an amazing mama"!

Nurse Cox

Looks like my timing with that case o' wipes was spectacular! Thanks for the warm brownie analogy...helps with the carb cutting!


Leslie, your poop story was great! To read, anyway. So many great details.
It was really great meeting you here in NYC. I hope you had a good time.


gooey, gross and hilarious all in one fell swoop! LOL

PS...can't wait till the next meetup!
pss...I keep forgetting to tell Hank that we have nothing to spar over anymore...no more Yankees, no more Sox. Me so sad ):


You have the best sense of humor for a mom of THREE!! Always finding the lighter side of all events... I love that!! Poor little guy. (and you too)

It sure has been fun hearing all about the NYC trip, it really looked like fun!


this is one entertaining post, i'm sorry that it was at your's and henry's expense though. snaps that you didn't end up crying along with everyone!

three weeks nuthin'! try a month and a half, oy! the trip sounded awesome, how you guys packed all that you did into 3 days is amazing.


Ha! That story is absolutely priceless. I could totally picture you in the stall. Whew, it's stories like those that actually make me glad the girls are grown up.

Love the new products in the store nd the gret pics from NYC!

joy madison

I love you leslie! So so so my day, without the kids leaving....ever!!!!!

tee hee!

I *heart* your new cards so hard! Jon and I "met" on the internet, so its perfect for us....I think I'll have to buy some:)

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