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September 09, 2005



You are so totally a Rock Star!! That was amazing - your contest winners reveal! So clever and with everything else you had going on?!! Wow! And luchy winners, congratulations. Nice prize! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. It's amazing how mommies can fend off those germs! Mommies rule!


I'm still laughing! I'm glad Jon is off fishing this morning or he would've wondered why I was SCREECHING and laughing so loud! I am so showing him this.

The winners are VERY lucky (uniform or no)......I love those book plates!

We are going to have SOOOO much fun in NYC!


You just made my whole DAY!! That is "freak'n" HILLARIOUS!!! But "stings" just a bit after last nights Game! "Ouch" is all I kept saying last night over and over... Okay, I can admit, Jeter, he's "okay." But that Rodriguez... He's just got to go! And don't even get me started on that Giambi kid. Oh Lord.

Great contest, great production and even better prizes... Darn,I knew I'd be jinxed! Congrats to the winners!!

Thanx for visiting my way and look for a box from me soon!!

Ps.... I am SOOOO jealous of you ladies going to NYC!! But can't wait to hear all about it and see PHOTOS of course!!


VERY clever reveal...so cute and funny! As for Alison's immersion program, I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even KNOW about immersion programs until I started my current job at a junior high...and learned we had one there. I don't have kids, so it's not like I'm hanging out at schools, but still. How's she liking school so far??


Too funny about Hank and the teacher..haha. That had to be hilarious. Sorry everyone got sick, hopefully this coming week will be alot better for you all. (((hugs)) Have a great weekend!


My boys go to a Welsh school : same principle. Teachers speak to the kids in Welsh but they do speak to non-Welsh speaking "dumbos" like me in English. Phew!



I was having so much fun watching the slideshow and all of a sudden MY name popped up!


(Glad everyone is back to good in your house)


YOU ARE TOO FUNNY (and talented)!!!!

That was sooo cute :) Great job on the photos!




That reveal was too funny, great prizes too! I love your library inspired packaging on the bookplates.

& big congrats to shotgun daddy on his blogging fame!! :)


You truly are silly!!!


That was a hilarious reveal! I love the silly. And the bookplates are so sweet. I love mine. You are such a superstar. And so is Hank. His stories had me laughing out loud!


Loved the reveal!! So clever! Sorry to hear about everyone coming down with the same bug. Glad to hear everyone's feeling better!


Gotta say I'm sorry I didn't win! :) May just have to buy some stuff from the Paper Princess.

Congrats on your baby starting Kindergarten. That must be so exciting/scary! Hope she loves it. That program sounds amazing. I'm tucking it away in my head for when we have kids. I always regret not having learned Spanish, especially since I work in the construction industry ... I always feel so guilty that I can't converse with a lot of our field people.

Glad you're all well again. Being sick always seems like such a waste of time!!


Congrats to Hank - I'll be bookmarking that entire site, actually!

I hope I can find a K just like that for Madeline - if not spanish, then french.


Girrrrl, you CRAZY!!


i am so excited for your little, uh, i mean big girl! that school sounds so cool!! cant wait to hear more updates! does hank have a latino background? i was wondering why your kids were so gorgeous... and i loved the flickr sillies, too much leslie! i think i just might have to order myself some of those lovely bookplates!


school! awww....:) congratulations! i had a breakdown with my daughter starting two mornings a week of PLAYGROUP. i'm such a wimp.

hope this week is starting out well and healthy!

love, love, love the flickr set!


I love your flickr slide show - so clever!

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