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September 20, 2005



Love your posting!! It's lovely!



Ah! We made the white couch mistake too! But amazingly, it made it two years without a kid stain until last week when an *adult* spilt red wine on it. Bad, bad, bad. Good luck with yours! ;)


Oh Leslie, have a GREAT time in N.Y. How FUN!! Although I'm sure you'll miss Hank and the kids, if anyone deserves a little "me time" R&R with some good blogging pals, it's YOU! :)


Love your post. I totally understand the whole car ride and pregnant thing. Even quick trips did not seem quick enough. New York sounds like it will be a great escape.


Have fun in NYC! I totally understand the shuttling back and forth deal, I have to leave the house every 3 hours to drop off and pick up 2 kids, and when you add a newborn to the mix, I have to start getting ready 1 hour before.

P.S. - Notice I am posting this at 5:07 AM Pacific time.


ah kids, they really do keep our life from being boring, don't they? going to NY sounds like so much fun! and I know about the couch thing. I inherited an antique one covered in cream velvet. so I feel your pain. but that is what covers are for!! (and it is usually the adults that get stuff on them, that is for sure!!)


I love your "Escape" illustration! It really captures a feeling I bet we all have--put on a happy face, even when you're not feeling happy. I don't usually manage it as well as your girl does, maybe I need one of those masks on a stick!

Your story about Henry in the car made me laugh!


have so much fun in nyc! cant wait to see picture! love your illo, i know i feel like that so much of the time.

im sorry, did you say WHITE couch? you are crazy. i mean that is clinical... ;)


Fun illustration! I like it lots.

I hope you have an amazing time in NYC. It sounds like soooo much fun. I can't wait to hear about it when you get back ... just last night I was jonesin to see the city. I was just there in May, but I can't get enough of it, and I'd really like to live there for a while some day. *sigh* Have some lovely rice pudding for me!!


Hey! We have a white couch too! Get yourself a bottle of oxi-clean and try to enjoy it! Oxi clean is the best, sure it burns my hands, but I always get the kid stains out! You deserve a great time in New York! Enjoy!

Aimee Roo

I love the illustration! So cute.

It was all rainy and thundering here last night too! Almost at the same time even! I only had the hubby to snuggle up to, and we were both too busy watching the lightening surround the house on all sides to do much snuggling at that.

Good luck with the couch! I hope it's leather so it is easy to clean. :)


A white couch? That's just begging for little Henry to show off his arts skills.. hee.. hee... Can't wait to see his next masterpiece! LOL

Hoping you get some sanity soon! Unfortunately it only gets crazier as they get older.


A pretty blanket draped over the white couch is the trick, when company comes over you take it off and no ones ever the wiser.

I love your mask illustration, I need one for when I'm feeling all disheveled too! ;)

jenny vorwaller

leslie! we had an intense thunderstorm here last night too! the thunder shook thetop of my little car and i almost cried i was so chickened out! bok bok...i was more scared than my three year old too...the power went out and then a warehouse a block away ha a massive fire and all the firetrucks form the city came, it was so loud and scary scary (have i used tha tword enough yet?) the sky was filled with the thickest smoke and it smelled so strongly...it took me a while to go to sleep! :)


Hi Leslie,
I have a friend who has two white sofas and a white armchair PLUS very pale cream carpet. Not sure how she keeps it clean with two children - but she does. We went for the safe option: aubergine leather. It's amazing how you can get all that dirt on it and not see until you wipe it with a cloth!


OMG I love that illustration!! It made me smile. :)

White couch? = brave mama.

Sorry you've been scared by the storms! :/ I've actually been enjoying them...

I am so excited for all of you meeting up. And jealous!! Hehe. Have fun dear! :)

Secret Creatures

I really like your concept, and your execution. Nice colors and confident style. Great job.


i was just about to email you, but thought i'd stop by first. greta post! no wimp mama could buy a white couch -- you sound plenty brave to me! :)


Leslie, I love the illo. It is sweet and wistful at the same time, with a great concept! I love it.

And! You are so NOT a wimp. You're a great model for moms and moms-to-be of a woman full of drive, ambition, know-how, talent, and love for her kiddies and devoted hubby. We all have a lot to live up to!

Can't wait to see you next week!!

Anne Marie

Have fun in NY!
Love the math.



This is such a great illustration and concept for "escape". I love the new look of your blog and enjoyed all you gallery photos, especially your home updates. Also the narration of your trial as a mother are endearing...oh I too remember those days!


A white couch? Leslie, you are a brave, brave woman. Sometimes I feel like covering all my furniture, floors, carpet and rugs in plastic. All grandma style. I can relate to your running around. Sometimes I feel like my car is like my home away from home.


Hey, I'm a thunder-wimp too!


CAN'T WAIT!!!! See you VERY SOON!!!!!

(MAN....I'm so excited!)


I love your illustration! I feel like that quite frequently!!


I'm just loving reading about all of your adventures with your babes, kids are awesome especially when they are as funny as yours. I'm not sure about the whole white couch thing, that could really turn out interesting... love your illustration and if I forgot to say it the last time I visited, I also love the new layout of your blog it's too cute!


Hi there! I just wanted to comment really quick and tell you that your website is adorable! I love the paper crafts, and your stories above are so cute! :)


we carry a little plastic pee pee bowl in the car now...

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