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September 06, 2005



wow, what a personal connection. the bravery of the men and women who make it their job to help never ceases to amaze me. when you see jon next make sure to give him a big squeeze from all of us too!

Hi I'm Jess

God bless your brother.


Wow. Your bro is brave. Must take a lot to go there. The whole situation is so awful. I really feel for the people who are in such dire straits. I guess all we can do is send them our good thoughts and donate what we can. :( Your bro has my thanks.


This made me tear... you brother is in my thoughts and prayers. I only wish I was able to be there to help.

Aimee Roo

wow, your brother is a great person to do this kind of work. i know that i would not be able to handle it. what a wonderful thing for him to do.

sounds like your whole family is pretty great. :)


my brother is there as well and seems to share the same feelings. He was supposed to only be there for two weeks and now they think they will have to stay for three or even four. He says it is so bad he almost can't take it...
I hope that all of them are home soon, and all those people that were touched by this tragedy can return to their lives...


This picture speaks volumes...yet I can't even begin to imagine the magnitude of the situation. The stories I've been hearing have been breaking my heart non-stop.

Your brother is a true hero. :)


many thanks to your brother for his hard and clearly heartfelt work. thanks for sharing this. sending you a hug too!


I thank your brother for helping to save my Home.


Yes, I've tried to put myself in their situation alot the past few days. It made me so thankful for family, food, shelter.
You have an awesome brother!


Worse than 9/11??? E-gads, man.

Please tell your brother "thank you" from my family. We wish we could be there to be a part of the relief effort. Sending money, while useful, still doesn't feel like nearly enough.

I'm hugging my kids just a wee bit tighter, too.


What an absolutely amazing photo? I feel proud of your brother and I don't even know him. You are right...when it comes down to it, family and friends are all that matter.


Sending hugs to all of you; our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We used to live in New Orleans and it is so hard to watch, but I find myself not being able to not watch. My husband recognized one of his old coworkers on the news tonight. Man, this is so bad. I don't usually watch Oprah, but I figured today she would have something on the disaster. She did and I must say, the news media's coverage has been mild compared to what I saw on her show. I find myself saying this can't be happening, but it is and right here, not "somewhere else." On a positive note, I heard the Red Cross has already raised over $400,000,000! God bless.

joy madison

check my blog about this matter.....I know this was horrific, and I can't imagine actually seeing it first hand!


I'm sending you a big Dutch hug!


oh, how i know how you feel. My husband used to work for FEMA and also as a disastor relief for the American Red Cross. It is a trying, heartbreaking job. He wants so badly to go and help out down there, but is unable due to obligations here. As does everyone else, our hearts go out to the gulf.


What your brother is doing is great! For the past few days, I've been glued to the TV, reading the papers, and checking the news online to keep updated and just to make sense of it all.


Leslie, what a beautiful post. Your brother is doing such hard, but wonderful work. I'm glad he's not facing hostility but sorry for the sadness and horror he's had to see. Big hugs to you all!


My comment would've been too long. I emailed you.


Hello Leslie, thank you for visiting my blog! All your goodies are so beautiful, especially your notecards and stationery, you are truly gifted. Im glad you found inspiration in Mexican artesanias, you should come to Puerto Rico and overdose a little bit more on colors and inspiration :P

By the way, tell your brother.... Thank You.

Dawn Christ

It's horrible how one sided the reports have been and only now are different views coming to light. I'm thankful that there are people like your brother that are able to help. Thank him from our family. :)


Les....it takes a special sort of soul to do what your brother does, so selfless he is.

Tell him we love him OK??

I'll make sure to give Jon, Rudy, Dakota, & Weezie an extra big hug this weekend!
I'll miss them all so when we go to NYC!

On a lighter note...tell Hank, "GO SOX!"


Thanks to your brother for his rescue efforts. Katrina's been about all I could think about for the last two weeks. Surely a tragedy that will haunt us (as a nation) for many years to come...


I thought I commented on this already. Thanks so much for sharing this post with us. Please let your brother know how much his work means to all of us.


I've got to get better at keeping up, every time I come back for a visit I missed something BIG! I am so loving all of the crafty help that is going out to the victims of Katrina and I hope that your brother stays safe, what an amazing thing that he is doing! Thanks for sharing this.


i just found your blog.. i was doing research for my daughters end of the year school play on Henry II.. and i came across the picture of your husbands parents on their wedding day(?).. i am also one half of a bi-racial couple (in new orleans!) and my interest was peaked... THEN i cam across your entry of Hurricane Katrina.. I was THERE. I am from new orleans, and i STAYED in new orleans during Katrina. fortunately for me, i had friends on the police force who told me when the levees broke (on tuesday 8/31) that i NEEDED to flee the city or i would be trapped.. so i left.. with my daughter (my son with his father) and ended up in miami. anyway- there are several aspects of your page that idelight me.. so i intend to keep reading. feel free to email if you wish..

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