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August 07, 2005



GO HENRY, GO HENRY! I'm so proud of you both, you're such a super mama.

I've just mailed you with some tips and hints and I also did a little shopping. I love the Paper Princess, you're a super mama paper princess!


Tito's has a website?! hahahaha!
I was reading Joleen and Katey's Idiosyncracies last night too, and trying really hard to think up some of my own...still nothing! But your #5 about computer lurkers really makes me crazy too.
So glad to hear about Henry's amazingly quick triumph over the porcelain throne & all the success of the paper princess re-launch, yay!

jenny vorwaller

see you've been tagged too! my little guy is watching the incredibles AGAIN this very moment! :D great film, love it. and the paper princess is just so cool1 time to look around!


I'm having the same trouble your outlaws are having, no enlarged images or rollover images. We have explorer. Rock on, Henry!


The potty-training anecdotes have me rolling. So funny. Of course, when I have kids and am in the middle of all that, maybe it won't be quite so amusing.


Wooot! to Henry! What a big boy!! And thanks for doing the meme (fun!), and I'm so glad the relaunch of The Paper Princess is going well! Yay!!


Write with your right, cut with your left, from the 5 idiosyncracies, caught my eye because I write with my left, cut with my right.

Aimee Roo

it has been fun to read everyone's lists. :) it's funny because i found your great little store before i found your wonderful blog! now i get to have twice the fun.


Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for visiting my site and leaving such a kind comment! I happened upon your store via joleen, but did not know about your blog until I read your post - what a serendipitous day! Knowing that you are the "Paper Princess" has fueled my inspiration. =)


UGH. The Math Circus. If I never hear the songs from that video again it will be a day too soon. That and all the others. "Every letter makes a sound!" I hear that Professor's voice in my head at night when I try to go to sleep...

I got your bag today and it is HEAVENLY. I love it and have already switched everything out from my old purse. The straps just broke on it so how serendiptious that yours arrived today! Oh the glee! Your package goes out tomorrow...I had to wait for something extra special to come in before I mailed it. Tee hee.

Thanks Leslie!

Paul Moleski

This has nothing to do with your website, but I have a few computers at work who's PCs won't see pictures from one perticular website and when I viewed the source code the src tags were missing as well. You're the only other person I've found while searching google that has had the same problem I'm having. Did you ever find the solution to your problem? If so could you let me know what fixed it for you? If you havn't found an ansewer and are still looking and want to know all the steps I've tried to fix it, with no sucess, just email me. The PC's in questions use I.E. and Firefox. I'm going to try the link to the page your having problems with on my problem computers when I get back to the office. If you want I can let you know if I see any pictures or not. Sorry about just emailing out of know where.

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