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August 30, 2005


joy madison

when will #1 ever get picked, but I'll be the first anyhoo! I'm glad Bebe H is doing better, and better still with new toys! I love when they say, "mails" too cute! Can't wait to get working on your stuff over here....send some pics!!!! and ideas!!!!


oh, i'm so glad to be entering the contest! never won anything before and always have bad luck at the casinos! =P

thanks, Les! =)


I love Henry's shirt, it's so matching his cast!

I love Mary Blair's illustrations too and I thought the book really suits the occasion as Henry thought he could fly ;o)

Oo - competitions!


Go Yankees!

Oh Yvonne is such a doll! I love the photo documentry of the opening!


such great mail goodies. I think I may have to start some swaps. I haven't got any good mails in a while!!


Oh, fun! A contest! I'm in... ;)


Ooh, a contest! Oh, and what a great name for your little girl. :) I just had girl #3 in July.

And as for my weather... it's been dry here (Ohio) for weeks, and now that I am actually leaving the house after having my baby to go see Coldplay at an outdoor venue, the rains from Katrina are here! Wouldn't you know it?


I love contests! It's is a great idea.
Okay, weather news (as I can't think of anything outrageous): here in Tokyo it's been a hot and humid summer, but tonight it's raining so a little cooler. I might get to sleep without air/con for a change, which would be nice!


Haven't you all been lucky today (apart from poor Hank that is, didn't he get anything in the mail?)


Ok, I can't pass up the chance to enter a contest! The weather here in VA is hot and humid. Hmmmm, something about me, well I was tagged by momo and my list of idiosyncrasies is on my site. Jokes, ah well, I don't know any clean ones. But I really enjoyed the photos of all your mail goodies. It looks like Plump Pudding is going to be great. Ok, pick me, pick me!! :0)


oh wow, a contest, how exciting! I wonder what you have up your sleave? I really enjoy your blog and am glad henry is doing better!


Cute gifts. I'm sure he was thrilled.


I just won some tickets on the radio (for the best Martha Stewart "you're fired" catch phrase) so, since I'm on a lucky streak, I thought I'd enter.


yay! - i'd like to enter.
as for the weather -- "the city by the bay" is actually now starting it's small summer weather. no more wet, drizzley fog today.


great looking gifties! I'm sure that Henry's surprise packages helped to cheer him up... Contest?!? Whee!!

Aimee Roo

so happy that you enjoyed the goodies! i thought you would with all the cute kawaii stuff, since you like japanese things.

here is an outrageous tidbit about me: i am a bellydancer and have been for over 10 years. ;)

Nicole Seitler

Ooo...a contest! I want to be counted in. :)


What did the number 0 say to the number 8? Like your belt. :)


ooh, yes, I'll play! I just love your stuff @ The Paper Princess, by the way.

And because I never like to get something for nothing, here's an outrageous fact about me: when I was a kid, I used to put ketchup on my salad.

OK, so maybe not so *outrageous*, but definitely gross. And I haven't even admitted that on my own blog! Lucky you!


I love your new pincushion from your secret pal!! What fun!!


I know I can't win another one of your contests (since that would make me the luckiest person in the whole universe), but without hope, what is there?

I have a joke for you. It is one of my father's standard jokes. Please bear in mind that a) he is insane, and b) he is 89 years old.

Here's another one:

He also has a Halloween joke that includes the punchline: HOLLOW WEENIE. Maybe I will save that one for October.


I love contests! Goodies in the mail are always fun. Glad to hear Henry is doing well. Take care!


yay a contest! and the weather in northern california is foggy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.


De-lurking to take part in the contest. The weather outside today is very humid, but inside it is a cool 73 degrees. Also, get your hands on some peaches if you can, the August peaches are de-lish.


What are you up to over there, you sneaky thing! :)

not really a joke, but I think it's genius. A new Anne taintor collage I recently saw had a retro lady holding out her cup of coffee, and it said: "if I could, I would inject it". ;)


Please consider this a comment. I am mainly a lurker, but a commenter for today!


Hi! Count me in! Maybe I'll be lucky this time?


I recently crashed into your site by accident and am loving every minute of it.

Entering your contest today is the perfect distraction while I wait for a plumber to FINALLY arrive and repair a leak that was discovered on Sunday. Which will result in water being restored to my home...and the ability to use the potty!! The biggest joke of my day - was using a camping shower & a jug of water to bathe in my bathtub this morning!!

Hoping I win!!

Anne Marie

Oooh Hello Kitty Bubble gum!!! Kewl!
I only know one joke. And it's really long. And everyone already knows it. Sorry.
Oh wait...I know a blonde joke.
How do you drown a blonde?

You put a scratch and sciff sticker at the bottom of the pool.


I could tell you something funny about me. In my high school year book, for future goals, I wrote that I wanted to be the "gen-x Martha Stewart".
In other news, I am waiting to hear from my family who live in Biloxi, Mississippi where the hurricane hit. No phone, cell phone, electric. I am tempted to make the 10 hour trip just to know they are safe. :(

Kelly Sue



jenny vorwaller

oh yay for fun mail! and how cute is henry?

something strange about me((for the win!) i sat next to wierd aL YAnkovich on an airplane when i was a teenager, flying coach! hes funny in real person, though i wasnt a fan myself. and i have a twin brother!)


It's hot.
That ain't no joke.


I've been checking out your blog for a while and really enjoying your art. And now I can win something just by leaving a comment? Sign me up! :)


Ohhh! I hope I'm one of the lucky winners. Glad to see that Henry is doing better! So many fun pics too!


Ooo, a contest that's good for even those of us who are comment shy....


A contest?! How fun! Um, it's muggy and rainy in Honolulu.

Glad to see Henry's feeling better. :)


*claps hands* A contest? Oh goody.

As long as it isn't The Lottery . . *laughs darkly*

No, but really--- this is fun.


Hi Leslie - so glad they all arrived safely and that you are all pleased. A first for me: particpation with someone's blog and my stuff on the internet. Wow! I'm blown away. And I guess that this means I am eligible for your competition.


Hi Leslie - so glad they all arrived safely and that you are all pleased. A first for me: particpation with someone's blog and my stuff on the internet. Wow! I'm blown away. And I guess that this means I am eligible for your competition.


great contest! i think i'm gonna have to copy it although i don't think i'll get as big a response, that's good for the contestants right?

lucky you and henry with all the fun packages!


Man - I must be late getting to this post! 41? Wow, someone sure is popular!

Love all the pics of the goodies. How cute is Henry with his little red cast?

I love that HK gum, too bad I swallow it after about 10 seconds. :)


yippiee!!! i love contests! plus i love corny jokes, so here it goes!

what time do you go to the dentist? tooth-hurty!

where do sheep get their hair cut?
at the baa-baa shop!

what do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?
a salad shooter!

ha... love it...


Wow, this contest thing is a great trick to get people to comment. I'm going to have to try this one some time!


i spun this morning
i can't wait to knit it up
rain, first time in days


Ooh, a contest...gotta love it! I wish I could think of something outrageous to post, but alas, things are calm, quiet and HOT here in the Midwest. We ARE in Kansas, Toto!


I *heart* Henry's red cast.

I've been hooked on your blog since your Henry slide post made me cry the other week. So glad he's fine and enjoying lots of presents now!


How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has really got to WANT to change.

Corny, I know, but it was the last joke I heard.

Pick me, pick me! :o)


I really should be working... but this is more fun! (remind me of this around 1:00 a.m. tonight!) Wow, what a fun mail day! Henry's cast is pretty cool looking. He doesn't even need a bat for now. When Maya was in the hospital she had little boards strapped to her forearms so she wouldn't bend her wrist where tubes went in and she used them to hit the ballons around. Have a great wednesday tommorow! Are you counting the days until school starts like we are?


My pregnant brain is too fried to think of anything clever to say. :)


The weather in my neck of the woods is much like yesterday's. Big surprise.


Well- I *NEVER* win anything so I won't hold my breath on this fun ditty but I think it's fab that you're doing it! I DID want to thank you for posting a link to PLUM PUDDING and showing the goodies she sent you---they're delish!!! LOVE your blog and store-so glad you reopened~I hope to be able to order something soon!


When I lived in Minnesota long ago, the kids used to tease me about my name (shizuka) and called me shazuka bazooka. My mom was always puzzled, because bazooka doesn't rhyme with the proper pronounciation of my name!

lori (marzipan inc.)

count me in for the contest! glad little H is feeling better with all of his gifts. i just checked out plump pudding the other day. ADORABLE!! -lori (marzipan inc.)


I wanna win! I wanna win! Here's something about me: I hate wearing socks. Really.


Yay! I'm number 589973!
I'll tell you something funny my son said when he went to the doctor. After looking at the rash on Liam's stomach Liam pointed to his groin area and said "I got some on my YEGS {legs}, do you want to see my YEGS?"
Doctor, " no mate, I don't need to see your EGGS" {meaning balls} ! I couldn't explain because I was laughing so much.


Pick me, pick me!


This contest is what I needed to finally get my blog going and join in on the craftin' fun!


a haiku...

creative Leslie
she has so much energy
and now a contest


Yeah a contest!! I wanna win..wahhh!! What great snail mail came your way Leslie, Hello Kitty is awesome! Have a good day girl!


I LOVE your contests! pick me, pick me. fat chance but i'm dancing around up in here. :) :: crosses fingers so she'll be picked by Hank:: :)



What a cool idea for a contest! I should think about doing something similar on my blog. But I don't think I get enough readers to make it very interesting ... hmmm... maybe something else though.


Pick me! ;)

Isn't he the cutest with that little cast... You get the best mail too!


How much do I love my new cards! Thank you, Leslie. They are really lovely. We'll talk more about stuff for the store soon.


Yay! Thanks for the sample cards in my order last week. They're up on the bulletin board in my craft room now. So pretty!


Ha! looks like there is a lot of competition.
Here is my all-time favorite joke:
Q: What has a bottom at it's top?

A: A leg!


I love your contest illustration. Such a cutie girl! And what wonderful goodies you've received!


go! fight! win!
two four six eight, who do we appreciate?
btw: just a joke, who is chelsea clinton's daddy? any guesses, it's mos def not who you might think;}


Nyago the sleepy kitty is my fave Sanrio character.

Wow, your contest pulled me out of a two week wrist rest break. Thanks!


Well, I guess I'll play along, even if Hank will be drawing the numbers from a "Yankee's Hat." SORRY to say I am a Red Sox Fan, and could live happily ever after if the Yankee's would fall off the side of the earth.

Okay, So I most likely just totally jinxed myself and will NEVER win, but I am a sucker for contests and FREE prizes!!

Good Luck to everyone!!



Wow! Look at all those fun gifts. And, look at all these comments. geez! :)


I guess normally I'm too shy to comment... sorry. :}


I guess normally I'm too shy to comment... sorry. :}


i just visited your shop for the first time (this is only my second time to your blog) -- your handcrafted cards are smashing! can't wait until i have more time to look around.


I LOVE contests - and I LOVE your blog!


been secretly reading your blog and it's very inspirational! imagine getting me all hyped up in little malaysia and wanting to learn more about crafts! that's really something eh! ;)

well, keep it up and best wishes to your little son ;)


I'm one of the shy ones. Actually that's a lie, I'm pretty loud. Um, but just to let you know, it is super hot in Tokyo today - about 33 degrees. I heart contests (and swaps of course)!!


Beep beep'm beep beep yeah


Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.
That is what I'd truly like to be.
'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener,
Everyone would be in love with me.

(no, I can NOT explain why I can not get that jingle out of my mind. And now you won't be able to either...bwa ha ha hahaaaa)


I was once kicked out of a church for doing something salaciously sinful with one of the other members.

You said I could write something about myself.


I've never ever won anything in a contest...but I'm throwing my hat in the ring anyway. Sounds fun and I love surprises!


**Raises hands**

I'm shy!

LOL! Sounds like a fun contest. I can't believe I didn't respond quickly when I read this on my blogline feed, um, two days ago.


Dang, girl. I go away from my pc for a few days and all sorts of crazy fun occurs. Does this count as an entry? =}


Hello, you're one of my heroes. 3 kids and able to craft! Wow, how do you do it??


I'm not wearing pants!!!

Okay. That's a lie. I'm wearing pants. I just wanted to make sure you saw my comment. Can I sign up for your nice contest, please?


Hi Leslie,
Cheryl from Singapore again. Love reading your stories about your lovely kids (I still haven't received a password for the albums?) - and those your husband's! You guys sound like a lovely family! And my, are you artistic or what?! Commenting in from Singapore is reason enough for a prize? Haha! :p

A joke for posterity!

Year 1981
1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe
3. Pope Died.

Year 2005
1. Prince Charles got married (again)
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe (again)
3. Pope Died.

In the future, if Prince Charles decides to re-marry or Liverpool needs another European crown ... please warn the Pope!
Ok i hope you found that funny...

- cheryl -


Yes! A contest that requires no talent whatsoever...that's perfect for me.



"»Stay« is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary."
- Bronson Allcott.

Thanx for the fun contest!


If I would win this contest it would be the absolute first time I won something in a lotery, I guess I simply are to lucky in love ;0)

Your blog looks wonderful and so does your shop. I will go and order some of those beautiful notecards soon!

I've been a bad, bad blogger and mailer lately, but I promise to be better.

And you too have a great time with the girls in NY!


Leslie....I just can't BELIEVE I am commenter #90!!!! Unbelievable!

Here is my comment....tell Hank that if he's going to pull my name from a YANKEES hat...the shame will follow me forever!

luv...a die hard RED SOX fan!

Cathy P

contest? Free stuff? my ears perked up.
Thanks to craftlog, I was directed to your site. Cute banner, by the way!


I'm good at competitions like these. This I can do. I'm liking this.

....no I take that back, actually I'm bad at these competitions, I forgot to enter my email but it didn't let me post without it luckily.


A contest, oh my
A haiku is in order
And, oh, here it is


Cute site! :)

Megan Risley

oooo oooo count me in! Just came across your blog via the switchboards. love it!



Oh poo, I think I missed it, but I'm gonna leave a joke anyway..
Knock Knock...
Whos there...?
Panther who...?
Panther no panth I'm goin' thwimmin'!
(sounds like: pants or no pants, I'm going swimming)
OK, I'm gonna feel real silly if no one thinks this is as funny as I do, so here is a little background... my darling little bro, who is 15 years younger than me, told me this joke when he was 3, and anything is funny when it's coming from a 3 year old! So there you have it, HAHAHAHAHAHA!


such nice parcels. wish could get nice parcels too.


I want to play!


Like the Swiss, the weather here in Heidiland is unpredictable.

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