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August 14, 2005



Oh my! My heart goes out to you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Henry. Hopefully he'll look back on the event as a big adventure where he was very brave. (And you too!)


Oh Leslie, I know this is so hard. He'll be fine - he's a tough little fella and already so brave, just take your cues from him. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.


Leslie, how hard. Warm hugs and get better quickly thoughts to you all. xx


Oh poor little Henry! And poor Mama and Daddy. I had tears in my eyes reading this and thought of my little Mia and how she'll get into scrapes and bumps in the years to come. Lots of big hugs to your brave little boy.


Oh dear Leslie I hope you're alright. This must be one of those moments when it's really hard to be a mama. Your little boy away from you in hospital. I'm not a mama and I don't have mama ambitions but I can imagine that although they do leave the house occasionally you rather send them off to school then to a hospital. So having the house to yourself must have been awful instead of fun. My thoughts are with you and little "boef" Henry.

To happy returns :o)


Oh sweet Henry!! And poor Mama...how awfully traumatic for everyone. I do hope his arm heals fast (as those young ones do!), and that everyone is able to be back in each others arms again so very very soon. Thinking of you!!


Awwww... poor guy. He sounds so brave. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon.


Poor little guy! I hope he is much better today and is home soon where you can spoil him rotten.


Oh my gosh. Poor little guy and you/Hank as well. I hope he heals soon and running around again back to normal.


WoW! I can imagine how you must be feeling. I got all teary reading this. It doesnt matter if it is a broken arm or a holey heart, its never easy to see your precious little ones in pain. If there is one thing Iknow, folks at hospitals take extra special care of the little ones. Im sure he is in good hands. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers for speedy recoverys and less stressful times. Maya is pretty proud of her big scar and I bet Henry will be too!


Oh, Leslie! Big hugs to you all. I couldn't help the tears as I was reading this. When your child is in pain, you are too. Here's hoping for Henry's speedy recovery. He is a brave little boy afterall.


Oh Leslie! I'm so sorry to hear what you are all going through... my friend's 2 year old broke her leg earlier this summer. The good news is, they heal so darn quickly when they're young! She only had a cast on for 3 weeks! I'm sure Henry will be similar, and he'll be back to his normal self before you know it! *hugs*


Put on your Superman outfit Henry. Everything will be just fine.


Aww, Leslie. Poor Henry and poor you and Hank. I feel so bad for you. There is nothing worse than having your baby hurt. I always just wish it was me instead of my babies. I was tearing up while reading this. I wish him a speedy recovery!


I can't talk. I'm chocked up and blind. Kisses to all of you.


oh, I feel so badly for your son and your family. I pray for a speedy recovery. I just recently have become acquainted with your blog, I enjoy it so. I hope you all goes well.


Hang in there. Little kiddy bones heal real quick. Henry will be flying in no time.

lori dunbar

oh lesley....i'm crying reading this...thinking of when this will inevitably happen to my baby boy. i feel for you. i hope he recovers quickly. please keep us posted on his progress.


leslie - so sorry for the mis-spelling! oops!


Oh geez, that is horrible! Breaks my heart to read about him in the hospital and everything. I hope he gets home safely. He will be the same little Henry as before, but he'll be sporting a cool cast, perhaps. Thinking healing thoughts for you all!


Oh sweet little Henry... don't worry Leslie, it'll be ok. Just like Jenn said, he'll be running around in his superman cape in no time. I just know it.

My neice had a very bad accident when she was just a toddler, and had to wear a full body cast for quite some time because she had such a violent break to her leg. There was a lot of mystery surrounding the accident because it happened at the babysitters house...it was so painful to see my sister's baby hurt like that, I know just how you feel.


What a little trooper! How scary it must have been for you, but sounds like everything will be OK and he'll have so much fun showing off his cast and telling the story that goes with it. Wonderfully written. :)


Oh my gosh, Leslie! I am so sorry to hear! How heart-wrenching-scary! I know your little Henry is super rough and tumble and will bounce back in no time flat. Monkey and I are sending big warm hugs to him and to you.

Take good care of you all!

Aimee Roo

what a brave little trooper! i bet he will be ready to show off his cast though, maybe you can take a photo for the blog so he can be a star. :)

i hope that all will go well with the surgery and anything else that comes along with the broken arm.


Even though I was there for the whole thing, your writing really touched me deeply, perhaps even more than the actual events, if that makes any sense. As you know, I can sometimes lose sight of the big picture in times like this, especially forgetting the feelings of those left behind. Your description of the empty house made me sad, and reminded me that things on your end were probably more difficult than mine. I love you, and I love your writing...


Words are so inadequate when we face these tangible reminders of our vulnerability, but you were able to capture the essence of it all....wow.....I beam healing vibes to your Henry.....


So sorry about Henry. Hope he's okay. This was a beautifully written post, despite the traumatic subject matter. You have such a lovely way of articulating some very deep feelings.


Oh goodness poor little Henry. Let us know how he is soon. My heart goes out to him and to you. ((hugs))


OH LES....POOR little Henry! I keep swallowing back lumps in my throat! OK....that little Dude is so ALL BOY! He'll be back at it in no time!! LOL & HUGS!


You are all in my thoughts and prayers. This is so tough on everyone, but his little arm will get better and Hank will have great stories for his grandkids!


I also cried as I read this. I'm sending everyone, especially Henry, good healing thoughts.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your son, Henry. I am sure everything will work out fine and Mama hugs are always the best medicne.

joy madison

OH my! Poor poor baby. I'm crying for him and mommy and daddy and sistys too. Its so hard when they are really hurt. Jaden was SO concerned when Jon was in the hospital. We have had one staple in the head (suprisingly on Jaylie not Jaden) so far, but I'd be VERY suprised if that was the end of it:) Henry is in my prayers!


Oh poor baby!! I was sad reading this. I'm glad it isn't any worse!! I can't wait to hear of him being his usual silly self.

Katey Nicosia

Awwwwww! Little guy! So scary! You wrote the story beautifully. I hope Henry feels better very soon. You too!

jenny vorwaller

hugs snd kisses to henry! hope he's okay! what a fright. :D (hugs to you too!)


Oh Leslie! I hope Henry well on his way to mending as I type this!!


What a sweet heart! I hope that he recovers fast. What a scare you all had!!


OMG!! How scary.. and how sweet of Alison... "I tried.." You and Hank of really done well with the cutest and the sweetest kids. I hope he's able to come home real soon.


His little voice on the phone... that is just making me tear up over here...

Speedy recovery, little man!


brave mom, you and henry are in my prayers. shedding a little tear from your heartwrenching tale. waiting to exhale, hoping all is well, keep us posted.

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