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August 22, 2005


joy madison

I am so so so happy to hear he is okay. I was praying for him here in space needle land! I know he'll get better and better. I love their little baby-isms! So sweet!


Glad to hear Henry is back to his cutie pie of a self! Kids, they keep life interesting, don't they?


Glad little Henry did not need surgery and is back to his loving self! So mean of those little boys to flip Allison but glad she did not break anthing.


Yay for Henry! And what a relief that Alison didn't get injured with the rough play.

Yes, a lot of people are cashing in on their homes. The housing market is crazy but it's expected to cool down in two years.


Yay, Henry! I am glad he's back to his rambunctious self, and I'm really glad Alison didn't get too hurt. Oy! I wish Monkey and I had bought out there 5 or 6 years ago, when we were contemplating moving to southern california. I sure would love me some outright owning when I moved on. =)


*sigh.* glad he is feeling better! just curious: where are your neighbors moving?


Very glad to hear Henry is feeling better! You know, we, too, our cashing out of our California home and paying cash for a house in the Pacific NW. Unfortunately, we won't have a big chunk of cash in our pocket, because that chunk has to pay for a new sailboat. Sigh. But hey, Henry is welcome aboard any time!

Aimee Roo

so happy to hear that all has turned out so well. that is great news! :)


what a sweetie, his "i love you forever, mama" got me all misty :) so happy for everyone that henry is back to his old little boy self (well besides the cast)! that was quick :) hehe, when i got a tetanus shot it took me longer than 2 days to "recover" (i'm so lame, i wouldn't move my arm for a couple of days which i think led to my arm staying sore longer than it would have).

glad to hear that alison's okay, 2 kids plus 2 broken arms would equal craziness!


hooray! glad that all is well.


A wonderful follow-up post after reading the last sad story. I'm glad to hear he's better.


I'm so glad to hear little Henry is getting better by the day... you'll have to tell him about the 1,500 motorcycles that rallied together at his Children's hospital over the weekend... and I only know this because they all took a romp down my street! You should of heard the rumbling madness!! Give your sweet babies a big hug for me. :)


Yay for Henry feeling better. And for getting back on the saddle, er... slide, so quickly. My mom sometimes worries that she raised overly cautious children, since we've never broken any bones and only one of the three of us every had stitches, and that was at 20 years old. So I particularly admire Henry's spirit.


Oh the adreneline rush of having kids! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Sending positive force shield vibes your way.


I am so glad Henry is okay,what a scare! Will have to check out Hank's site for the story though. :) It is always interesting to see what Dads think and write. *smile*


So, so glad that Henry is his old self! And that Alison got away with a scare. Whew.


oh my goodness, i just read through the last post in a panic! thank goodness henry is ok and back to his old tricks, full cast and all! way to go mom!


I haven't been here for a while. I'm sorry about your little guy's ordeal but I'm glad he's doing better. What a trooper!


Oh my goodness, I've been out of the blog loop for a bit and look what I missed! I'm so sad about your poor Henry's arm, but it sounds like he is a very brave boy :) What an adventure that all must have been! I'm offering happy thoughts for Henry even though they are very late! Boys will definitely be boys!

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