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August 24, 2005



I just posted my pics for Spring Fling. Glad to see your pages! I have yet to put anything on my Flicker. I am the cheesiest!


Thanks, Leslie, now I'm the only person in the world with a Flickr account and no pictures! I'm going to take a look at yours now.


No wonder. I sent you like a ton of emails. I figured you were just ignoring me. RUDE.


Oh no. I win. I still don't have pics on my Flickr account. I barely manage to blog these days, when am I going to upload pictures! But good for you!


Yay! Your pages are gorgeous, Leslie. Not that I expected any less. =) It's so funny; I think we're on the same wavelength! I just upgraded to Pro at flickr this week and uploaded a crazy amount of pics a few nights back (I've still got carpal from all the laptop mousing)!


You and I both got on it this week...I don't know why I kept avoiding Fickr!! Especially since our journal's there!! Cassi's new site got me motivated. OH...and how did you get that pretty pink around that flickr screen to the right?? Hope had to put mine on my blog for me!! (of course)

I LOVE the journal pages by the way! I will have to turn BELIEVE in to 2 books I think!! I know the keeper of BELIEVE wont have a problem with that!

Glad the little guy is back to his old self again! You are so going to need a rest!

Guess what?? ONLY 33 more days!! Wheeeee!!!


I love your pages, and they are so fantastic in person!
For some reason I thought that I had commented here... maybe it didn't go through?! hmm... typepad conspiracy... let's hope this comment doesn't post 10x. LOL. ;)

33 days... ye gads! That's so exciting!


I can't IMAGINE why you'd be too busy to check your spam folder... :) Glad to hear Henry's okay.


now i can't wait to go see your photos! =)

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