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July 08, 2005



Hey mom of three, I'm so happy you're back. The internet isn't the same without you.

I can't seem to get in the babes album either so please mail me the passwords for both albums because I'm dying to see wee Kate :o)

I'm off to read Hank's new blog!


What a wonderful post - and I am so glad you are back! And I love those lanterns - can not wait to see the paper princess open!! I think I need the password too, I know you sent it once but I can not find it!!!


I lost the password. As usual.

Henry is my fave. The end.


I loved reading your post! It brought back so many memories. The lantern note cards look beautiful. And I would love the password also, I love baby pics!! I look forward to the re-launching in August!!


That was a refreshing post and a positive take on having a Three Kid Circus. I'd like to have access to Kate's photos too. Thanks in advance!


Les....love the new LOGO!! It is just the prettiest!

I am so glad all of the Babes are doing well. (poor little Henry....he'll come around eventually!)

Am getting very excited for "you know what"!! There has been some chatter, I know you've been straight out busy, but you may want to check it out when you get a chance!

Have a great weekend sweetums! LOL


I seemed to have misplaced the password too... :(

You & Hank are so funny, I love reading your posts...you were definitely missed!

I got your cards today and my heart jumped they are just so lovely! I immediately went to the paperprincess site, to find it was still down. I can't wait to see your re-opening in August. :)


I wanna see the pics of Kate. I was oohing and ahhing over her little feet in the previous post for a very long time. I don't have the password, though. Help?


oooh, that was a great post but I got a bit teary especially over little Henry.Congratulations on your new bubba!


Wow! I can't imagine three babies but I bet its amazing. I remember feeling the same way about betraying number one when number two came. And the feel of nymber one's hair was so thick and coarse and big boy next to sweet maya's soft little spikes of hair. Thanks for bringing back the memory! Best wishes to you and your beautiful family. I would love to peek at the album if you have a sec to send the password.


Great post! Stunning kids and gorgeous parents! Thank you for sharing and look forward to seeing the Paper Princess up and running!

joy madison

welcome back!! Can't wait to get into your paper princess stuff!


hi, can't wait for the paper princess to be up again! i was linked to you via kathleen...love your new design! =)


Glad to see you back! Sounds like you get your hands full. We found out we're having a girl too!!!
BTW, I lost the password. Take care, Val


Glad you're back!...with your sanity intact...mostly. :) Great post...and adorable design.


My you must be busy!! When my lil sis was first home from the hospital, I knocked over her basinet (I was 2). I was trying to climb up to see in and we both crashed to the ground. My mum said she didn't know who to pick up first.


"Watch the kids make Mama cry" was too funny. I soooooo can relate. I no longer have the password, Leslie, could I have it again. Off to check your hubby's new page! Hang in there!


i lost the username and password too! this will be the last time i ask for it k?

i think. :)

thank you in advance!


Hi! I would love to your pictures of your family. I ahve been reading your blog, among others. I really enjoy your family stories and "mommy" times. My children are now grown, 25, 28 and 21. I have two grandchildren who bring joy and laughter to me daily. I am so lucky to have them close by. Keep up with your writing. It's so enjoyable. Please, if I may, send a password so that I can view your pics.
Thanks and enjoy those "babies". Time is fleeting. My kids love to hear the stories I tell them about our family prior to their own memories.
Sue (elismsue)
Grandson's name is Elijah, Eli) and he calls me M.


hee hee hee! you are so funny, i love reading your blog.
conrats little kates feet are so sweet!


i found the password! sorry about that! :)


gr, nevermind. i do need it again because it looks like you've changed it since january ;)

hit me back soon!


Welcome back, Ringmaster! Beautiful design - elegant and fun. I'd love to see pictures of Baby Kate.


welcome back leslie!!! love the new design for the paper princess and i thought kates annoucements were also super cool! glad henry and allison are normal as can be, and i cant wait to check out the pictures of sweet sweet kate!


stumbled on your site and been reading for a while now. I'm reading in from Singapore and well, that's not far on the Internet. Heh. I love reading about your everyday life with the kids, your husband, your designs etc.. Wow, you're really talented! You write really well, and your husband too (+ funny, heh).

Congrats on your new little girl, and would love to see pics of her and the rest of the family. Send me password please? =)

Take care now, and read you soon!


This might be in the running for 'Best Post Ever' what wonderfully fun and silly babes you have, love that ad!
Very anxiously awaiting the re-opening of your shop, YAY!


Also misplaced the password and would love to have it again so that I admire your third gorgeous child! I'm glad that you're settling in :)


'kay, I'm not too keen on this TypeKey thing. That was me above, better known as laura from laura.typepad.com/mommapalooza ...


oh i am so happy you had a chance to update! :) sweet little henry- he'll keep ya on your toes! :) he's the boy too so that's a special thing he has even if he isn't The Baby anymore. there'll be much more terrorizing, im sure. ;)


Hi Leslie! Welcome back! Can you email me the password please? Can't wait to see the rest of Kate.

Jessica Kenenske

Thanks for the sneak peek! It's beautiful! Can't wait until your shop opens!


Would love a peek at the new baby...best wishes to you!


I'm laughing outloud about your 3-Ring Circus Family... Cute Ad!

To hear you describe your first few weeks with Kate is so touching... Me a non-mom could barely hold back the tears. What a true joy!

Yes, Yes, please send me the link, I'm dying to meet her!

AND LASTLY... Thank you, thank you for sending along my little gifty and postcard! I can't believe you even found the time to do such a thing. I am in love with my new little bag!! Thank YOU for thinking of me and I hope you enjoyed your pin.


Such a lovely update, so glad to hear everyone is well. And thanks for the heads up, as we're weeks away from entering the three ring circus over here too! Yikes!

Oh, and I'd love to take a peek in Kate's album if I can!


Oh Leslie, life is so full! I am glad Kate's settling in well with Henry (eventually!) and Alison and that you and Hank are well and happy. And that paper lantern card is gorgeous! Can't wait for the shop to reopen!!


My little Bonnie was only 18 months when Ross was born and she was NOT READY. Poor little thing. There love each other dearly, now, of course.

Glad the house is getting back in order. Congrats.


I love your stories! your kids seem lovely, especially Kate but im a bit biased toward people who share my name.

...i'd love the id/password

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