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July 19, 2005



I remember when I first realized that having 3 kids meant there were more of them than hands I could hold. Oh, my...quite a shocking revelation. And that also means that they outnumber the parents...something else I hadn't thought about.

You'll get the hang of it, though. The key is good discipline. If you teach your kids to mind you at home, they will continue to do so when out. Good luck.


good god woman, you are a rockstar!!! the drs office AND the post office?? unbelievable. hey, i only have two kids and i bribe them all the time! milkshakes though, i think i might have to add that to my line-up.


You are too amazing! I bow down before you...


Your post made me smile and reminded me of my days with mighty tots. I'm thinking, 'where did I get the energy'? And then I remember, I was a lot younger then! I really appreciate the time you took to post and to take the beautiful photos of your gifts. It's wonderful to be able to read your blog again - your sense of humor will carry you far (you already know that). Hugs!


Leslie, you really ARE A ROCKSTAR... & Milkshake bribery, is a genius tactic, especially in this sweltering heat!

So many amazing things in your gifts album, they all look like they were made so lovingly.

Your photographs of everything look so colorful and vibrant, such eyecandy! & The pottery shard looks so pretty against Yvonne's colorful sham...I love how you put things together.

That's so fun, I can't wait to see the album of all of the baby pool goodies too! :)


I've so enjoyed reading about your mothering 'adventures'. Brings back old memories...I think we've all had these moments and truly feel your pain! Also like seeing your house renovations. I'm deep into that at the moment, we bought the biggest fixer-upper 2 years ago and haven't stopped working on it since. Fun project though and a labor of love. Take care!


woah! pat yourself on the back. you did it!


Oh Leslie, you are Such A Rockstar. I am amazed and in awe of your powers. It made my tummy drop to even think of toting along 3 little people on my frantic mailings. And I know how much Henry and Alison love to run around and explore and open doors! Jiminy crickets, woman. You totally rock.

And you also made out like the paper princess you are with such pretty gifts from everyone in blogworld. You're a rockstar, indeed!


You ARE a rockstar! The whole "im pushing the button thing" is a big thing over here too and you have to envy people that are so deeply pleased with such ordinary everyday tasks. I had just the two of them today at the party store (id sooner eat my own vomit than go back there with those two) and target. I cant imagine having to split my focus on another one too. Though Kate is so cute it would be hard not to focus on her! Never underestimate the power of a good bribe!


I vote Leslie Rockstar of the month! What a task my dear! Bravo!!
I think i would have scurried out just as the sign got knocked over... or maybe I wouldn't even have been brave enough to leave the house... yep that would me. I'll get over it though. I only have one at this point in my life... i'm sure more children will come later on! Congrats and keep rock-en girl!


Go rockstar! You're a rockstar anyway because I don't have three kids and there are days that I can't even do all the things you do on my own - hahaha!

The three of them are so cute so it must be all worth it. I have the picture you've sent of A+H next to Kate's birth announcement hanging on my kitchen pin board as if they are family and they make me smile each time I pass them. Even now they do :o)

And OMG! You've been spoiled big time. Another baby and you're in woman LOL! I love all the goodies and I told Hope yesterday that I love to love you creative, smart, clever and fun women ... Yay!



Oh my! Who are the 2 AWESOME girls that sent you that incredible stash of baby goods?? Hmmm, they rock too! hee~hee.


You amaze me...I don't know how/where you find the energy to do all that you do. Great baby goodies!

jenny vorwaller

ohhh~is that a kathleen necklace i spy? very cool!

joy madison

I said I would NEVER take them all out together, but alas that's not true. I do it all the time now:)especially to McDonald's!

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