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July 29, 2005



oh leslie! i feel your pain, eliot and i had many days like that. it just breaks your heart when they think they are doing something wrong. yay for henry being a big boy!


Your kids make me laugh. I'm telling anecdotes about them to complete strangers. I'm so proud of Henry and I so love that Superman costume on him. I feel like sending him some encouragement :o)


Yeah Henry! I am so not ready for that stage!


Oy! We're thinking we're going to start trying with Brynne in mid-August... can't say I'm really looking forward to it! Keep me updated on your techniques - I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get!

Nicole Seitler

I recently went through the same thing with my daughter two weeks ago. We had great success by switching over to all cloth, all the time and lots of chocolate (she's mommy's girl). ;)

I had at least three AWFUL days in a row like you just detailed. I wanted to give up. But I resolved to hang in there and a few days later, I heard the sweetest words: "Mommy, I have to go potty!" (something she never said before). Ah! The sweet, sweet success. :D


awww.... Yay henry!
He reminds me so much of my little nephew Nickie, who always wore capes and costumes at that age! Everything he picked up had sword potential too...even the little plastic cardboard rolls that come from the paper towels. He'd stick them in the elastic of his pants ready to destroy evil...he was hilarious!


I feel your pain. Thank God, I didn't have to go through much effort. His daycare took care of that for me. Now if I could only get him to lift the seat.

Katey Nicosia

So cute! Yay for tee tee in the potty.


Sweetie -- one problem with the picture. YOU should be the one wearing the cape. You truly are Wonder Woman.


Yay Henry!

I am going to start potty training soon and I am definitely not as patient at you. Good Lord.


What a lovely story, and what a sweet boy/super hero! I think 'urinatingly difficult' is the funniest thing I have ever heard/read. Potty training stories are so great!


Aww! That is such a precious story. I am utterly amazed with the whole concept of potty training kids. I think you're a wonder. And so is your little Superman.


HURRAY HENRY!!! You go little guy!


Yeah Super Henry! Way to go! I vividly remember going through potty training with my son not so long ago. We spent an entire Saturday in his room with the potty and lots and lots of water and juice.


God you've almost had me in tears at the end there!! I think I'm in denial about potty training - I quite like a babe in nappies....seems so daunting to go through the training bit. but I know I can come back here and read this for comfort!


What a trying but successful day! :) Yay for Henry!

joy madison

oh man!!!! Jaden took SOOOOO long to potty train. He is finally fully trained...night and day. Its such a relief. Good luck!

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