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June 03, 2005



Wow! How nice to see my cards on your site! And thanks for the kind words. I can't believe you are already 3 cm and 80-90% effaced! Dialation wise, you are almost a third done. Hang in there til the 16th!



I made a feed and you're being watched. Good stuff. :)


How stunning is that crochet blanket! It's gorgeous Leslie! Photo's are gorgeous too. Did you "Dooce" them?


Oh girl it really turned out amazing I love that blanket. I also love the mixture of green pinks and white, it's so delicious :o) I remember those Martha booties (don't you just love the word booties) they are so precious I almost want to wear them myself.

What about a bun name contest? Why don't you call her Bunny LOL!


This picture of Alison holding the booties you made looks like it should be in a magazine...you are amazingly talented!! The blanket is just stunning, I love it.


That baby blanket is stunning! You have really outdone yourself in craftiness. I can't wait for your wee one to arrive, and it sounds like it'll be SOON! Yay! :o)


Wow!! You are so, so close! All of those gifties are so wonderful, and your creations....oh my!! What a lucky, lucky baby this is!


Oh. My. Gosh! Leslie! :D Such beautiful creations for your wee one! What treasures you've made! I love them all. :)


that is an absolutely beautiful afghan, i love the colors; and booties and a teensy top....i see the un-mistakable signs of "nesting"!! how are you feeling?....i don't think you have long to wait now! isn't that just like parents? mine are the same way - i have no idea what goes on in their heads!


wow leslie! i dont know how you do it, you are so motivated! the afghan is goreous, which makes the sweater and booties pure, pure icing! that bun is coming any day now!!! cant wait...


Oh my gosh your crocketed afghan turned out beautiful!!! And those boots and sweater are adorable, can't wait the little one will be very lucky having such a great mum :0)


I don't have a job OR kids...and I don't make ANYTHING! You're (let me get this straight) about to give birth, have two kids, are renovating your home...AND YOU MADE AN AFGHAN?! Not to mention the adorable sweater and booties. Good god, woman, you need to give birth just to get some rest! :) Hope you're feeling well. P.S. The afghan is FABULOUS!

joy madison

so so cute!! love it ALL!!!!!!!! seriously, those booties are to die for!


Good gravy, girl! What a fantastic post! So many goodies!! I was meaning to ask you about your afghan when you called the other day. I am so impressed with it! It's Bee-Yooo-Ti-Ful! And the little sweater shell & booties, awwww!

Hope you had an awesome birthday yesterday!!


Breathe in and out. It will all be ok. Your Afghan and baby booties are my favorite!


I crochet faster than I knit also. Your afghan is awesome!


I love your afghan! It's beautiful and I wish you were here so you could teach me how to crochet. I've crocheted probably two things and I am no expert. Yours is just perfect.

Don't stress, you'll have love surrounding you in spirit, no matter who is in the room. *hug*!


Oh my, that afghan is so beautiful. There's obviously a lot of love in there - what a lucky bub! Best of luck! :D


The blanket turned out beautifully! I am so impressed!


That baby blanket is amazing! I would teach myself to crochet just to make that blanket. Where is the pattern from??


That afghan is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! I think I'll have to learn to crochet just so I can make something like that. And I know exactly how you feel about the whole "parents out of town" stress. My parents went to see a track meet (!!!) out of town, and weren't there for my daughter's birth. It was definitely disappointing, but in the end I still had my sweet baby, so it was hard to be TOO disappointed.
Hang in there!


Oooh! I'm so behind with checking out my fave blogs. It's nice to see all your homemade goodies. Love the afghan, sweater and booties! Your li'l sweet pea is so lucky!


This is getting so exciting Leslie!

I hope your parents make it back!!

I LOVE all of the crocheted/knitted goodies!

joy madison

have you had that baby get? Or are you just too preggo to post?


Please add me to the list of people who would love to know where the pattern for the baby afghan came from ? It's just beautiful.

As are your baby's feet! And, I'm sure, the rest of her. All best wishes to you whole family!

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