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May 13, 2005



I love the illustration and your post just takes it over the top! You are so right on all of it, made me smile and remember!


Hmm... Well, you've certainly got the loopy part right. Allow me to provide a few corrections. First, the Poise pads. What was the quote? "...I broke down and bought some Poise pads." Actually, you broke down and told me to buy you some Poise pads. Apparently you were too embarrassed to buy them yourself, but certainly didn't think twice about sending your husband to get some. Second, while it's nice that you have fond memories of my support during child birth (all of that's true, by the way), I'm more concerned with a certain manufactured memory. During Alison's birth, the Dr. made the mistake of saying, "We're all pushing with you, Leslie!" Since he doesn't live with you, he doesn't have to hear about that -- but I do. Probably fifty times since then...

Thankfully, though, your pregnancy hasn't affected your artistic talent -- you just keep getting better and better.

Love your loopiness,


this is a fantastic (but scary!) post. love the illo.


I <3 this post, its so silly and sweet :)


I totally understand about the heartburn; that's the worst part.


Oy I am so in big trouble if I ever get pregnant. I am already getting somewhat forgetful, already have acid reflux, am klutzy and have big feet. Plus I heard some women lose their hair during pregnancy. My hair is already pretty thin. Geesh. Thank goodness for supportive hubbies and cute babies. :)


bigger feet?! bring it on! maybe then i can buy adult size shoes. bigger boobolas would be awesome if they stayed big :) i love your #10!


JUST TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS! (and Hank's comments too!!) LOL


Oh, you and Hank are too funny! :D


You're definitely right about the boobs...my usual C cup went up to a D during pregnancy and nursing...the bad news: after having and nursing 3 babies, they shrunk down to a B and that's where they have stayed...


This is too funny, Leslie. I can totally relate to all except for the feet. For some reason, mine stayed the same. Even though I've experienced all this, I still want another baby. Go figure.


As always, you are clever AND hilarious...and heartbreakingly touching in the eloquent way you express your love for your family. I can't believe it's time for you to be on maternity leave already! Time's flying! (Okay, I realize, not for YOU...ha!) As for Poise pads, heck, shopping for that kind of stuff is what husbands are for! :)


That was hilarious and wonderful!


oh my! you had me with tears in my eyes- from laughter and then the sweet words you wrote about your husband!


regarding the telogen effluvium: i just found this company that produces shampoos for special conditions, including hair loss. might be worth a shot. i'm going to order some and i'll let you know how it is.


Hmm, great post!! I love the lessons learned and that cutie illo, and #10 made me teary-eyed. Here's to love and being away from work for your new bun and all the time in the world to snuggle your whole family in your cozy nest. Big hugs!


You are too funny! And sweet too! Your list makes me feel both petrified and anxious for my time to come! It also made me yearn for a sandwich but on a bolillo, it's been years since I had one of them! When I was a kid, my mom was big on making us sandwiches de frijoles molidos on a bolillo - may not sound tempting but they were yummy! Best wishes to you and your bun!


I love, love your illo Leslie!

Reading your top 10 doesn't really encourage me to get kids myself. You crack me up!

Hank is such a sweetie and I loved his comment.


I am cracking up SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom has accused me of the urinary stuff, she ended up getting surgery a few years ago, finally (sheesh, I've heard enough of this for the last 27 years!).

Very, very sweet. Both you and your husband. :)


Oh what a great post, you are so silly! And great illo too!!


About the boob stuff...I'm sure you'll be blogging in another year or so about the very frightening aftermath of the birthing process. Those are two parts of your body that will never be the same again. At least the belly has some chance for a partial recovery!


By the way, I long for the loopy days. Not to alarm you, but early onset Alzheimer's seems to be a symptom of having 3 children!


It was fun to remember those months! it has been over a year now since I had my baby girl and I already forgot some of that stuff! =) guess that's why most have more than one! good luck on the home stretch!


What an accurate list - I'm also expecting my third, have a boy and a girl already, and can totally identify with the Things They Don't Tell You. Forgetting to lock the front door, turn off the gas, walking away without waiting for change. Hmm, when do I get my brain back? Hair loss, damp panties, feet like boats. The indignity of it all!
But I too remember having my slippery son handed to me by a wet-eyed giant, and witnessing a kiss on the top of the head of a very tiny new pink person, accompanied by the words "it's a girl, darling".
I guess the latter make the former all worthwhile ... Good luck with the forthcoming birth, and tell Hank he's a lucky guy!

joy madison

I had to comment. I have a 5 month old, and 2 other bebes (5 y.o. and a 3 y.o.) and I'm loving this post, and illustration:) I live in Seattle, and had my baby in December. I wore flip flops from Old Navy every day during my pregnancy. I think that there were less than 10 occations where I HAD to wear backless closed toed shoes, but I refused to wear fully closed in shoes. Granted it was a dry winter here in Seattle, but still I'm with you with the flip flops! They are 2 for $5 right now....buy every color!


Aww... that is just the best post ever! I love your Illo and explanation, particularly #10. Too sweet!

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