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May 08, 2005



Happy Momma's Day!

Love the new pouches. They are so dang cute. Sounds like you've been keeping busy!




These are all so cute! I love the happy fabrics that you chose. Sounds like you had a great crafty evening :)


That's too spooky. I used that hibiscus fabric to make my mum her MDay gift last week! Love your pouches. I see the vintage ones are sold already....any more?:)


The pouches are adorable! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day weekend...what play did you see? (It's been YEARS since I've been to the theatre.) And maternity leave...yippee! I'll bet that makes you nearly excited enough to do a handstand! :)


Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend and such pretty pouches! Can't wait for the release of Paper Princess's relaunch.

Island Girl

these are so cute!!! I always want to learn to sew after visiting your site!! ;)



Yay, for maternity leave! :D
Those pouches, are so adorable...great idea re-using the swell dishtowel baubles!


The pouches are great. I can not imagine being able to get that much ribbon for such a cheap price. Incredible!


Hooray for Maternity leave, it's the best!!! I was so glad to see your comments, it had been so long since I posted, I wasn't sure if anyone was checking anymore. We are having so much fun with these two little girls, I wasn't really sure what it would be like to have another, if it would be hard or akward, and now I know that it is just the best thing ever, even better than maternity leave! I'm so excited for you too, it's gone by so fast, and I'm so anxious to hear all about her!
Oh, I almost forgot, LOVE the little pouches, isn't Amy Butler fabric is rad!!!


Gorgeous pouches! Love them! Isn't it great crafting with a girlfriend?


Those are gorgeous!! And congrats on soon to be Maternity leave!


those pouches are adorable! i'm so jealous of the ribbon--i have a weakness for ribbon and trim. i'd be in heaven (and the poor house)!


Love the pouches Leslie. I'm really liking the Baubles one :o) I'm so happy the fabric pieces came to use!

Oh and happy belated mom day :o)


LOVE the pouches and ESPECIALLY the "green trio"!!!

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!


Only one day left until maternity leave for you...yay!

Those pouches are fabulous. I agree with Jes: my favorites are the 'green trio.' That fabric is amazing, and those buttons are so cute!


Hi there!

came across ur blog while surfing & you are so talented in art & craft! The pouches and the crochet flowers are so pretty!

love them!


I love the pouches!!


You lucky gal... maternity leave already?!? More washing dishes and reading books? :)
Very cute pouches. I need to learn how to sew. I can't even (don't laugh because it's true) sew on a button.


Wooot! Happy maternity leave! I like the pouches. Super cute! And I love that you and Hank got some two (and a half) alone time. =)


The pouches are adorable! I love them!

Thanks for stopping by...and I am so happy you did because it was a treat to find YOUR page.

Enjoy Maternity leave! Whoohoo!

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