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November 08, 2004



me too! so excited!


Hey girlie! I think it's great that you care so much about your students. They are lucky to have you! Hope things turn around for you soon. :)


Oh Leslie! I do hope the toxic situation (and the scary happenings aroudn your school) improve well before your off-track time begins. You are a wonderful person for caring and taking on the risk of environments some teachers and administrators wouldn't even think of taking on. You've got balls. And that is super admirable.

Take good care of you. Drop me a note if you want to chat.

Can't wait for Gifty!!


Oh, I hope my LoobyLu cards arrived today when I get home too - I can not wait to see them.

I think that you must be making a difference, you talk about it so passionatly, that you have to be, and I am very impressed by that!


That is awesome you love your job so much. You don't know it but I am sure you make a great difference!


I keep checking my email to see if you've sent anything yet. I'm too excited!


Oh my gosh, those shootings are so scary! Be careful...

I HATE toxic work environments- I hear you on that one!

Yay Gifty!! I can't wait! :)


I got my Loobylu cards today, too...kind of like a birthday present I sent myself.

Sorry about the nasty work environment. It must be very hard to deal with, but how wonderful that you care about your students so much.

Welcome back.


OH MY....I have the utmost regard for you woman!

Heading to my email to check out the "gifty" goods...

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