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November 15, 2004



Oh Leslie! I feel for you. Sweet little illustration for a big weight on your shoulders.

I'm going to drop you a note shortly. Take care of you and chin up, buttercup!! Will chat soon!!


Hey Leslie...You are always so great at encouraging me when I'm down. Just remember whatever worries you have are only temporary. Things will be back to normal before you know it!


What is that expression? This too shall pass...


Love the illustration and can completely sympathize (except for the baby part.) Hope this is only temporary and will pass soon...


You know, I was feeling the same way just a bit ago, but ran over to the computer because I remembered Gifty! and got all excited.

See, you've brought so much joy into our lives? Karma will kick in bigtime...it will all be over soon...


Your mantra: just two weeks away, just two weeks away...

I *so* understand most of your worries. I am thinking of you, girlie!


geez, i've been feeling like crap all week. i thought it was just me.

i think my tree was just cut down.


I can imagine you worry way much more then I do with having two kids, you have to worry for them - that's double worries - Try to focus on something simple so now and then to release the pressure. Only good people worry!


Oh that tree so describes it all sometimes! You need to STOP everything and go treat yourself somehow....it's not selfish, it's self preservation! LOL


We all feel like that sometimes and I hope you feel better soon. On the bright side, that drawing is adorable.


I love your illustration! I am feeling the same way. Did I mention I love love love your illustration!?

I dropped on in from somewhere, but I don't remember where. I'll be back! I'm getting my puny blog together now so it's bare bones.

ciel en papier

Thinking of you, sending good thoughts your way. Hang in there :-)


Hang in there, babes!!

One thing at a time... and hugs always help me!



hey, you want i should come over and bring my wood chipper of relaxation? we'll take care of that tree o'worries before you can say "toothpicks."


Hey rubber-girl (kind of like Elasta-Girl in "The Incredibles"?)...hope you are feeling less worried soon...take that worry-tree and chop it down into firewood-of-inspiration and use your energy on the creative stuff that you like. It will take your mind off the bad stuff.


You have just illustrated what has been going on in my mind all week...it seems the worries never end. But somehow everything always works out and good things start happening and life is balanced again. Again, thanks for pulling together the Gifty stuff. It rocks and was so much fun to do something for someone who lives on the other side of the world!

Hang in there!


Leslie -- I love this illustration. It's probably my favorite so far. (And thanks, by the way, for not putting my name on that tree -- I know there are days when I deserve an entire branch.) Rest assured, the sun will shine through the leaves soon enough... I love you lots.

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