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November 20, 2004



He is just darling and very regal.


Love the regal boy! And gifty was such a success - thanks you all your hard work on it! I can not wait for round 2 - maybe a holiday type theme, although that could get sticky if people do not celebrate the same holidays. When in doubt, a "Surprise Me" theme would always work. oh, or a Holiday De-Stresser - something to take us away from the frantic holiday season, to make us smile. Or a regional thing, having to send stuff that represents where you live (inspired by my Gifty of a CA breakfast). Or we could make it tricky and do "black and white" or "colorful" - or "favorites", and we can send others some of our own favoirte things they may like.

I can not belive I can come up with any ideas at all at 2:30am, which may explain why they are not the greatest. I will put mythinking cap on again at a more respectable hour!

I hope you are feeling better - and very glad you posted, I was getting worried!


He's lovely! And I'm glad you are feeling more positive now.


Yes Leslie...glad you posted too, was getting worried as well!
Your little fella' is very regal indeed!

let's see ideas for the next gifty....hmmm....let me think....still thinking......thinking....nothings happening.....blank.....darkness. AW CRAP, I need more coffee....I'll let you know what I come up with later!


Cute, cute illo!
Thanks again for hosting the gifty exchange...it's a wonderful, wonderful diversion from all of life's craziness. I especially like that it connects people from all over the world and it's such a happy thing to do!
Giving that the holidays are coming...maybe something handmade for the tree or for a holiday decoration for the next theme.
Take care!


Ah, it's good to have you back :o) I hope you're feeling better now.

Also thank you for this wonderful gifty idea. Maybe we could have a "winter wonderland" theme next time. After all, it's winter and the holiday season is about to start and because of what Hope said about people in different continents celebrating different holidays it's still winter.


I love the illo! It reminds me of my own two year old :)

I am *so* joining gifty round 2 - just count me in now! It is so cool looking at all the goodies! What a wonderful idea.


I'm so happy you came up with such great idea!
My gifty photo is up on my blog

I had a blast!


this is so cute! you do a fabulous job on IF...I am so jealous!


Gifty was SO much fun! Thank you for organizing!! My Gifty gift is online:


Leslie, I am so glad you're back to posting. I hope that things have (or soon will be) slowed down to an even simmer for you. I hope you know you brought much joy for me (and for many others, I would venture) with Gifty. I can't wait for Round 2. I do like Yvonne's Winter Wonderland theme. Ideas already whirring through my head...

At any rate, I've updated my blog with my fabulous fabulous gifty score.

I *lurve* your take on regal little Henry. So very sweet!!


Hi Leslie, Thanks for organising such a fun event. I received my goodies and loved them. Unfortunately I somehow missed the sinfully delicious theme but the package I sent was sinfully fun instead!


I got my gifty in the mail today from Melanie...its a mini, candle-lit chocolate fondue pot...
pic posted on my site...thanks Leslie for hosting

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