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November 03, 2004



you got me.
count me in on the gifty.
i'd hate to be left out.


HEY!! I woke up this morning and thought, this is RIDICULOUS!! I CAN DO THIS! So I did...check it out! I'm a little too proud I know....can't help myself!


I am happy to be a blue voter from a blue state, too...only right now I am so blue...


Be proud to be blue, although red is a nice color too - that rhymes LOL! Most Europeans are "Yucky Nucky" too at the moment (Bush isn't liked here at all) I don't know yet how I feel, I really thought Kerry was going to win, but everything colored rather red on the map - it's sad :o(


Yay for great kiddie candy stashes!!

That video of the DUI was really good, made me guffaw aloud!


Count me in the gifty!

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