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October 11, 2004



So jealous about Norah Jones...that is so cool! And what a great way to spend the evening with your honey. Didn't have anything nearly so exotic in my weekend.


Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! You know I understand those late mornings. =}

We saw Norah Jones under the open skies last summer for Lizzie's birthday along with a big group of friends at Ravinia. It was supposed to be great but the skies opened (it was storming all day long) and it took forever to get there (traffic) and in the middle of the concert, Monkey got a call from work that meant he had to leave the following day for some "fires" in Dallas.

So. I am really glad you had a much better time at Norah Jones than we all did.



Oh, I am dying to see Norah Jones - glad she was so great for you! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


LUCKY YOU! I love Norah Jones....one of my favorite artists to listen to while I'm painting!


I know how anticlimatic school can be after a fun weekend. You are lucky, though, that you don't have a room full of hormones waiting on you with 40 bajillion questions that have to be answered, like, now.

It sounds like you had a fabulous time! I'm envious of your Norah Jones concert.


That's the worst when you're all rested, wake up with a smile on your face, look at the clock, and realize you overslept. Talk about going from happiness to craziness in two seconds. It's getting harder and harder for me to wake up too so you're not alone. :)


Well, at least you are well rested... you could be like me this morning! My eyese are still threatening to close on me.

Norah is great live- so casual and unassuming. I was lucky enough to catch her right before she made it big and got to see her in a small theater. It was great.

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