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October 07, 2004



Thanks for stopping by my site, Leslie! It gave me an opportunity to find yours as well. I've added it to my Bloglines list. Looking forward to the further adventures of Allie and Henry!


My Ross was quite a little chunk until he was about 3. Suddenly, he thinned out and shot up. He is now about 5'll" and 130 pounds! He eats a ton and drinks about a gallon on milk a day. Of course, he NEVER stops moving. He paces when you are trying to stop him to talk with him. He paces while he listens to his music. His feet are moving when he is sitting down. He is genuine kinetic energy. As long as he continues to do this, he will never get fat, and it seems to be a part of him, so...
Maybe your boy will be the same.


Ahh a growing child.


I love that Henry's character is bigger than his fascinating appetite (I am so impressed with what he can put away in that little belly of his!). Adorable. My sis and I were more like Allie. My folks had to plea, negotiate, bargain to entice us to eat. I'm not sure when it all flipped, but Lizzie and I are both food lovers now. =)


Wow! He has a really good appetite. I'm sure he needs all that fuel since he's so active.

My little one was a preemie and was born at 4 lbs. so he is still catching up!




Yes, our boy is essentially a garbage disposal with legs. I especially like when he finds food -- such a wonderful surprize! On one recent morning, Henry polished off his usual two bowls of oatmeal while Alison stopped about half way through her first. I took Henry down from his chair and popped the two of them into the bathtub. I got the two of them dressed, and we were ready to start the day...

But then Henry noticed his sister's unsupervised bowl of oatmeal, still sitting on the kitchen table. (Leslie will confirm that I'm not the best at keeping the house clean.) Without really thinking about it, Henry stood at the table and polished off the rest of Allie's oatmeal, apparently unconcerned that it was now cold.

My boy.

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