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July 20, 2004



I love you for so many reasons, but one is just for being the mother of my children. Thanks for sharing those stories with Allie. And, of course, I know you'd never put any ideas into Alison's head about boyfriends and windows. I'd be forced to spend my nights sleeping in the backyard on sentry duty.


Leslie, That is such a beautiful story and you must know how lucky you both are for having such a strong friendship! I wish I had a friendship as strong as that. Thank you for sharing.


That is a gorgeous story! I think you have a literary degree, no? Perhaps you should think of giving writing a big go? What a wonderful friendship!


Here I am with tears in my eyes. You must be such an awesome mommy! Lucky Allie...


So lovely.


How touching!


you write so beautiful.. what a sweet story :)


Have you written anything that's been published? You should take a shot at it! That alone could be turned into a lovely essay that could be shared with the world! Have you read High Tide in Tuscon by Barbara Kingsolver? This is exactly the kind of writings she does. What a gift you have!

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