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March 25, 2004



My wife's list of discount cards is nice, but what she didn't mention is the list of cards that she makes me carry in my wallet, because hers is too full:

AMC MovieWatcher (broken)
Shakey's Luncheon Buffet Club
Teacher Supplies of Long Beach
Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn
Sam's Club 1 Hour Photo (we have no Sam's Club membership)
Quizno's Subs
The Bagelry
Creative Cakery (in addition to the two she carries)

I will no longer carry these cards, whatever she says. At least not until she reads this post and makes me put them back.


i carry those cards ALL THE TIME! It makes me crazy as well but I just can't seem to throw them out - or leave them at home.

I wanted to say though, I have on many occasion combined my cards and received a new one with the residual amount. A little reorganizing and a free latte! What could be better?

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