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November 12, 2006



am i really the first commenter? does that mean i win? i guess staying up too late on a "school night" does pay off sometimes :)


oooh love the gift cards!! ;)


oh good, now that i know i 'won' i can say... im glad that she didnt mean ...each other. that would have been even sadder. :/


If you do stumble across a parenting manual.. please tell me where to get one! I think talking to Allison about her feelings was a great way to go.. and good for her for finding a way to try to get them out without being destructive or hurtful to herself or others...

I love your new cards!


hey I wanna win something!!! (happy fall)


Rats, too slow. Failed to find the ISBN of that manual ;( I often think when I give mine a time out, that it's really for me to franically think what on earth I am meant to do about the misbehaviour in question. I'm such a 'learner mummy', even 6 years into the job.


Oh yes, I'm there too. Always wondering if I handled something in the best way for my little one. Wondering too if my strong feelings about a certain behavior are due to my childhood, and is that just me? Is it unnecessarily colored by my experiences? Do others have completely different experiences? Oh my, it's amazing how many questions arise!

Your new gift cards are beautiful!


Dang, too slow! That different timezone thing got me. Boo! ;)

It sounds to me that you and Hank are doing a damn fine job. Maybe you should consider writing the Handbook! You could make it all pretty and sell it on the Paper Princess site. :P

Argh. I'm in class now so I must cut this comment short. Just wanted to say that I am happy to see you posting again. :)


Leslie, I can relate to the once a month blogging and parenting woes. Thanks for posting this. I need THE MANUAL too! As for Christmas shopping... argh! I haven't even started yet. Much less, worked on my Christmas cards.


oh mama... can i get a copy of that book once you get it published? that sabe is so smart...

ps! i need to learn brushes, they are super cool!!


Awww. That note is sad yet cute. :)

Love the cards and welcome back! Seems like you and me are part of the "Blog Once a Month" club.


Ahhh drats, I missed the prize. But I'd thought I'd say hello anyways! I love your blog and your store :)


Missed reading your blog. I think I need a copy of The Manual for Christmas. =)

The gift enclosure cards are adorable!


Oh dear! There's something about giving a "time out" that makes a kids head spin. My neice's and nephews have had their fare share too, the little rascals that they are! ;)
I could tell you some stories!


So nice to see that other people struggle through the same parenting dilemmas!.... always wondering if you've done or said the right things.....I always am second-guessing my self!
one thing to remember is that you are THERe for your children, they are loved!
on another note.....am I completely out of it, but what does huzzah mean?? so sorry, as I am a complete flake and don;t know these things! MY children robbed me of a brain!! :)


My son flushed his underwear down the toilet too. There needs to be an entire chapter devoted to that in the manual.


very cute gift cards!! so sweet!

And that doodle board note from Alison made me feel a bit sad too. She's such a sweet little person. I think it's because you and Hank are such great, in-tune-with-their-kids parents (you should be penning the Manual, dig?) that the occasional surprise like this hits a little harder. In MY book, you 2 are heroes and the kind of parent I aspire to be.

Also--I'm aiming to phone you tomorrow (Tues) night. Will that work?? Our usual hangout seems to be on the fritz?


I don't know if I feel more encouraged or discouraged that those with more parenting experience than I also struggle with their parenting decisions. I think the former, because it makes me feel like we're all in this together, and sometimes we're just muddling through and that's okay. Thankfully, kids usually take a while to learn stuff, so that allows do-overs for us when we feel like maybe a previous decision requires such. Thanks for your honesty in this post, Leslie :)


You know what I look forward to? I can't wait until our crazy kids discover this blog and read all about the wacky things they did when they were young. How long will we be able to keep this a secret?


i've been lax lately w/ the timeouts (maybe b/c of the new baby) and now when i try to put my son in the corner all his efforts are put in trying to escape! what to do, what to do!
great gift cards!


Oh my what's all that saying in the comment above me? LOL.

It made me feel sad reading what A wrote too. I don't have any parental advice whatsoever (I wish I had), it just makes me feel sad. Those are sad things to read :(

But I love your new card line very much if that makes things better :)

Mary Jane

Your post brought back a flood of memories about my many experiences with my children. I remember one of my girls after being denied a cookie who went outside to sing a song, " I hate my mommy, I hate my mommy, I hate my mommy..." I listened as she sang and next a heard a giggle from a neighbor who was also listening to her song ...and that laughter spread to the daughter and next to me...it always amazes me as we live together as family how anger is the flip side to love and how on that day laughter made anger disappear. It was like magic.....parenting is a wonderful challenge and you are doing a great job of listening and understanding...Happy Thanksgiving...


Hi Leslie! I hope the entertaining is going well. The paper goods you have in your shop right now are so lovely! You have a great eye for design.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Leslie - Your post really brought back memories of my childhood. I, too, did things like that when my mom punished me. I'm sure that when I have a child I'll have to deal with similar situations. I can only hope I handle them as well as you & Hank.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family!!!!

jenny vorwaller

i SOOOOOO need that handbook, like, yesterday. four is sooo hard!! :P

ps love the new holiday tags!

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