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February 07, 2005



Happy Birthday indeed! It isn't possible that three years have passed since I first held my son in my arms, heard his screaming lungs, felt his clutching hands, kissed his wrinkled forehead. What have these three years taught us? We've learned that some things cannot be child-proofed, and that stain-guarding is a myth. We've discovered that boys will, in fact, be boys. We've come to understand that doors are for slamming, milk is for spilling, and crayons are for breaking. Sibling rivalry, it turns out, really happens.

But that's not all. We've also learned that baby dolls are for cuddling, and that you can never go to bed without kissing Mama goodnight. While it might be fun to pull your sister's hair, holding her hand is just as good. Plus, all it takes to hide the face of a rascal is a single beautiful smile.

As we look to the future we hear ringing phones, on the other end of which we'll find either teachers frustrated by our little class clown or young girls charmed by our little gentleman. We see bruises and stitches, dented fenders and shattered windows, broken bones and broken hearts. And we'll fix them all.

But through it all, we see our son. Happy Birthday dear Henry, Happy Birthday to you.


I love boys, love them, love them. Mine just turned one. Time flies.

Happy Birthday Henry!




Happy 3rd birthday, Henry! Hope you have the best birthday ever!


Yippie for Henry!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Happy Birthday Henry!
Me too, I just love little boys :o) Mine is 6!
((Big Birthday hugs ))


Happy Birthday Little Henry. Wonderful post by the both of you!


What you and Hank wrote was so beautiful, your children are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. :)
Hope Henry has a fabulous day!


Awwwww! Happy Happy Birthday to Henry. Such beautiful messages from mom and dad!!


A very happy birthday to Henry! And that post by Hank had me quite teary eyed...what a great Dad! (And props to you too for being a great Mom!)


cherish your little boy and all the lovely sweet memories...the years go so fast...my little boy is 17 already. hank's post definately brought tears to my eyes and memories to my soul. Happy Birthday little Henry!!


What you and Hank wrote was just beautiful - Henry is blessed to have such loving parents! Happy Birthday to your little boy!


I join the chorus in saying "Happy Birthday" to your little man...and what lovely posts by both of you. I'm sure he'll be quite touched when he reads those words years from now.


Happy Birthday to your little boy, he is lucky to have such thoughtful and loving parents. My little one turned three last September, so I understand how time flies with little one, especially since my older ones are 16 and 14.


My boys are 17 and 20, and my daughter is 18...and then grow up too damn fast. But the coolest thing is, you think you love how they are now but just wait...the best is yet to come. They grow up to be young adults that you love hanging with, having conversations with, and respect. Nothing is cooler than that!


How very, very sweet! I could really identify with Hank's comment about little boys. No matter what mischief a little boy can get into, he's still a sweetie at heart.

Happy Birthday Henry!!


Wow! What a great post and comment from dad.
No doubt that Henry is loved to the moon and back!
Happy Birthday little Henry!

Sarah (aka tinylittlewoman)

Yay, Happy Birthday Henry, what a sweet thing your hubb wrote for him... I have the card that my hubb gave my daughter for her 1st Birthday and I get a little teary every time I find it in her drawer... I can't believe you are 20 down already!!!! are you showing yet, I bet not! I am 29 down and definitly showing, lots I think!
Still can't decide on a name...how bout you?


I haven't yet wished Henry (little boef) a happy birthday here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! You're one lucky little boef to have such great, wonderful and inspiring parents. I bet you're going to be an adult to look up to too :o) I can't wait to meet you!


I have been catching up on all my favorite journals, I have been so behind... Happy Belated Birthday to Henry!



Happy birthday!! You're turning into a big boy.

Hank and Leslie - You guys are too thoughtful and cool for words.


Happy Birthday Henry, I'm sure you will be spoiled enormously, always happens with cute little rascals.

I know because I have one also.. although he's eleven years already he still has that smile your daddy is talking about. A very dangerous one that is ;0)

Concratulations also for your mummy, daddy and big sister1

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