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December 03, 2004



aw. i love that illustration. you should make some cards and sell em...on your WEBSITE!....


what a sexy and stunning pregnant chica! i love her bubble and her expression. very cute.


I love it. But then again, I love all the stuff you do.
I can also relate to your post especially when it comes to my two teens.


What a great interpretation of 'bubble'...and I totally relate to how you felt when pregnant!!! Really excellent...


As always your drawings are awesome!


Great interpretation! Your illo is very pretty.

PS - Thanks for your nice comments on my illos!


I love your illo!


I love the writing as much as the picture. How can I ever repay you for carrying our babies?

Jessica Kenenske

Thanks for the comment! I just love yours too! Such a great idea!


so cute this illo and I love the story behind it. You're always very good at that :o)


i love it!

that's really sweet, both the story and the illustration. and the ice cream.

not so much the pickles, though. those are more sour. ;o)


what a great take on "bubble". i loved reading the story as well as the picture.


Leslie, what a great illo! I love your interpretation of the theme, and the sweet story behind it...awwww!


Such a sweet post from a sweet little Mama!


Beautiful illustration. I just love your concept. It really made me smile. I can really empathize with your thoughts... You always feel like tucking them back safe inside, don't you? Amazing illo and post.


I love that being pregnant is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about "bubble," but your illo and description make it just perfect! Great job!


:) ...i think your description about being pregnant with a little bubble of life inside of you is lovely. thanks for sharing!


That is very, very cute!


i agree...GREAT illustration......i bet it'd be a big seller on greeting cards :D


Awww.. how sweet! I love the new drawing, as usual. Your talents never cease to amaze me.


I LOVe your illo and what you wrote. I can relate *especially* about the emptiness you felt once you had them. After having Brianna, I woke up rubbing my belly and started sobbing because she was no longer in there.

What a beautiful comment from Hank. You're very lucky.


hey thanks for the visit! really appreciate the comment :D by the way i love your interpretation of bubble too! the concept is very clever. cute preggy woman!

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