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October 04, 2004


Sweet Pea

First time viewer... First time commenter... so excited to keep with this. I enjoy it much


RS: Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I think the same of you! And about the birthday parties: I'm not a parent yet, but I can tell you just from my experience babysitting, you've got a fabulous idea going here...


I'm working on Halloween now too. My daughter wants to be a witch and my son doesn't have a choice yet so he can be whatever I want to dress him up as.

December is a busy birthday month for me. My daughter, my nephew and several of my friends' children all have birthdays in December. Then with Christmas, needless to say, I'm broke every year.


I love that photograph! Especially the use of brushes - very nice!


Yay for more time for family fun! Can't wait to see what you stitch up.

Fun photos, even the red marker on the arm chair. When I was a wee one, I went at my parents' freshly painted living room walls with russet-colored nail polish. I cut up little squares of paper and slathered the nail polish on them. I then stuck each polished square up onto the light green wall. When I was finished playing "artist" I took down the slips of paper and was astounded to find there were brown spots all over the wall. So I did the natural thing and used nail polish remover (it was in effect paint remover too). I'm waiting for my payback...


slacker co-workers stink (as I sit here at my desk in my office at work - but I am not a slacker, I swear, just every now and then I need a quick break and read a jounral or two and unwind before starting up the next project of the day!)


Have fun at the concert! I know I did and the drummer I never noticed before is fine. He played a drum solo at the end of "I've got to see you again". Rowr! :) Never noticed him before but I notice him now.

Do tell about Ms. Slacker. I need to get Birdie out of my head.


OMG.. I would have died when I saw the couch! The girls used to draw on anything they could. They would use mommy's lipstick (red at that) on the walls and permanent markers on my brand new white couch. The funniest was when my littlest took a sharpie to her sister's face while she was asleep on the couch.

I always say "If it ain't broke, it ain't ours."

Nurse Cox

I think I see a treble clef in that white chair seat "art". Have his musical aptitude assessed at once.....


Thanks so much for the nice comments!
I am pshyched that you knit...I just started last year (and have been neglecting it this summer) but with cooler weather am ready to get back at it again....looking forward to reading your blog for "knitting" inspiration!


who is Slacker Girl and where has she been hiding?


I have been there with the crayon and markers! This time my son used pen on my kitchen wallpaper and nothing will take it off. I tried that Mr Clean thing and it started taking the pattern off the wallpaper!


I'm behind on my blog reading! My son is going to be Woody for Halloween this year, too! The funny thing is he keeps telling everyone that he's going to be Woody, Daddy's going to be Buzz, and Mommy's going to be Jessie. I'm not sure how we're going to get out of this one...

I would take that seat cushion to a professional...surely there's something to get the crayon out! Luckily all of Chase's "art" has been easy to remove, except the carvings in the coffee table from a ball point pen. I just call it the distressed look. ha!

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