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October 12, 2004



What a beautiful entry. So many people say that the internet is cold and heartless but I believe your post is the perfect example to the contrary. Thank you for such a touching story to remind all of us of each precious day.


I'm a bawl of water now. That is a very neat story; it's very neat that you have his box of letters; you told it very well. I'm gonna go re-read it and cry some more now. :)


This entry was sad yet reassuring. Sad in that your husband never met his father. Reassuring in that love can be displayed and relayed through memories & photographs. Just beautiful!


That was so beautiful and moving... I'm tearing up over here. Anyone else need a tissue?

Nurse Cox

I never knew this story about Hank. How touching your words are! Pass the tissues, please....


You've gone and ruined my mascara!

Great writing. I'm touched.


Oh my gosh, Leslie. That entry was so beautiful and moving and sad, sad, sad. Yet wonderful and happy at the same time. Thank you for sharing such an important piece of yours and Hank's family history with us. You're an amazing story teller.


What a beautiful way to honor your father-in-law's birthday. Beautiful writing.


I am so sorry that your husband never got to know his dad in person, but how wonderful that he has all these old documents to treasure and keep. Happy birthday to your dad-in-law, wherever he is.


What a wonderful entry, Leslie! You are so eloquent! Thank you for sharing a small glimpse into the "bones" of your family structure. It sounds like Henry is lucky to come from a such a rich legacy.


oh my....I just didn't expect that when I clicked on to your site this morning! How lovely and touching and sad.
You told it beautifully....and like Pinky I'm going back to read it one more time!


That is the saddest and sweetest story.

I need a tissue too.


So sweet and heartbreaking. I got weepy idead. My husband never new his father either. Its been very hard on him. We can emphatize with you and your husband. You are a 100% right time is a very precious thing. We should be appreciative of what we have and who we share it with.


What a lovely tribute to your father-in-law and how wonderful that his love lives in your husband as he interacts with your children. It's a great credit to your mother-in-law that she has helped your husband to have such a deep, strong connection to his father. That's so important. Thank you for sharing.


You're smart *not* to take time spent with loved-ones for granted... : )


what a great post. i would be heartbroken if i was your mother in law, luckily she has such a loving family.


I'm new, I found your journal via Hope. I'm going to return because this beautiful story made me cry. I lost my father when I was 13 and I only wished to get to know him a bit better. Things like letters to my mom and suddenly hearing his voice on a tape are precious. Thanks for sharing :o)


Simply beautiful..


Hi, found your site via Violet is My Color. Lovely post.

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