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September 09, 2004



I know nothing about Hawaiian culture, but I can see it's kind of part of Vietnamese culture too, so maybe on a broader level it's an Asian cultural thing? I say keep the pen. =)


I am Armenian and I know those values were too instilled in my family. I don't know if its more of a cultural thing or more of a good mannered thing and that coworker of yours totally forgot hers or just never had any to begin with. Good luck!

little things

I had to laugh when I read your post because my mom has been pestering me for the list of gifts given to us at our recent wedding. She wants to make sure she has it readily available so that when one of my relatives gets married she can reciprocate in the same manner. I remember on Christmas or birthdays, not being able to play with any of my gifts or spend any of the monetary gifts until a thank you card was written and sent!


Hard Habit to Break was a good 80's song. Ha.

I don't know if it's a cultural thing, my family NEVER sends me thank yous - but the funny thing is - I was just going to post this - I ALWAYS send thank yous. religiously.

As for weddings - I always saw it as a loan. So and so gave me $100 when we got married 4 years ago - now he's getting married - so now he's getting it back!!!


And to think, I always thought it was a "southern thing."

About that teacher moving your stuff out "for you," I would have been LIVID! It's just not something that is done. It was your stuff, and she was very much in the wrong for packing it up, muchless trying to keep some of it! I've had to move classrooms several times, and yes, it was a hassle waiting for the other teacher, but I wasn't about to move it for them. Bless you for being much kinder that I!

I am so happy for you and your new job! It sounds great! (am I using enough !!!!! today? haha)

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