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September 12, 2004



Oh my gosh, the gall of that woman! You were only right to take what was yours. The audacity of presuming she can just "have" stuff that was yours and then take the accusatory tone like you've thieved it. Urgh. I hope you didn't give her your gift. =}

Your pictures are fab! I love the ones with Alison and Everett. The El Dorado pic where you noted you were concerned Henry might go into the algae-water....it looked like he was contemplating it!

Beautiful, beautiful babies. I hope you can come to your decision on #3 easily! =)


Any way to just completely ignore that teacher. Blech.
Sweater looks great. Knitting is soooo addictive:)


wow, she has a problem...wonder what kind of teacher she is? (keep the gift...)


Question: "You know....those videos.....were those videos ones that you purchased personally?"

Response: "Yes Bitch."

Sorry. I watch too much Dave Chappelle and like to end my sentences with the B word.


Alison looks like a natural mommy- all the more reason to go for #3!!

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